NBA draft #2 Chet Holmgren stands out in Oklahoma City Thunder’s Summer League debut


BUTAfter being selected as number two in 2022 NBA Project Oklahoma City Thunder20 year old Chet Holmgren silenced critics with a brilliant debut in the Salt Lake City Summer League.

Holmgren scored 23 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 6 blocks in just 23 minutes. Thunder98-77 victory over Utah Jazz at Vivin Arena.

He weighed about 50 kg less than his two rivals.

Chet Holmgrenthe numbers are even more impressive when you consider that his opponents were Kofi Cockburnheight 2.13 m, weight 133 kg, and Taco Fall (2.29 m and 141 kg).

Holmgrenwho weighed about 50kg less than his peers, took advantage of his mobility and speed to show that he has the skills to play at the highest level in the NBA.

“I just wanted to fight them [Cockburn and Fall]”, he said after the game.

“Nothing was easy, everything was hard and I was trying to win the basketball game. After all, I didn’t try to get into any personal feuds or matches or try to prove anything personally.”

Meanwhile, 19 year old Oklahoma child prodigy Josh Giddyreturned from injury in February and posted a double-double with 14 points and 11 assists.


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