NATO warns Russia is preparing ‘major offensive’ to seize Donbas region


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President of Russia, Vladimir Putinalthough not giving up imperialist ambitions for Ukraine Attempts at his conquest of Kyiv failed. Russian military is conducting exercises Reorganize, rearm and supply The NATO chief warned Tuesday that the goal is to launch a major offensive in the coming days to take control of eastern Donbass and build a “land bridge” to Crimea. Jens Stoltenberg.

This atlantic alliance foreign minister They will meet in Brussels starting this Wednesday to study how to improve military aid to the Kyiv government and provide more Anti-tank weapons and air defense systems. This issue has become even more pressing for NATO after the massacre of Russian troops in Bukha.In addition, the head of foreign affairs will prepare for the summit to be held in Madrid at the end of June.

Moscow has not given up on its Ukrainian ambitions. We are now seeing large troop withdrawals from Kyiv to regroup, rearm and resupply. They’re changing their priorities going east,” Stoltenberg explained at a news conference.

“In the coming weeks, we expect Russia to launch a new offensive in eastern and southern Ukraine with the aim of capturing the entire Donbass and building a land bridge to occupied Crimea. So This is the critical stage of the war“, remains NATO Secretary General.

In the face of the “failure” of the original goal, the Kremlin decided to change the strategy, “failure” is “Occupy Kyiv in a few days“, Stoltenberg assured. “The Donbass offensive” is his next target, although it may “take time” because Russian army ‘lost a lot of troops’ and weapons, need to resupply and recruit new troops.

red line

NATO countries will continue to supply Ukraine with weapons to help it contain the onslaught of Russian forces and improve its position at the negotiating table with Moscow. But despite the massacre of civilians in Boucha, the Allies maintained the same red lines: They will not send troops or set up a no-fly zone to Ukrainian territory.

“NATO has another responsibility and that is Prevent this conflict from escalating beyond UkraineIf this turns into an all-out war between nuclear powers like Russia and NATO, we will see more death, destruction and suffering”, the Secretary-General reiterated. To that end, he continued, the coalition must “make difficult decisions” “: Pay me to support Ukraine, but doing so will not lead to an escalation of the conflict.

“Until a few days ago, we saw horrific images of civilians being killed in Bukha and other places controlled by Russian forces. It was an unbearable atrocity that Europe had not seen in decades. Attacking and killing civilians is a war crime. All facts must hold. All those responsible for these atrocities must be brought to justice,” Stoltenberg said.

NATO will support all investigations into possible Russian war crimes in Ukraine, including those of the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.


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