NATO needs to ‘increase arms production’ to support Ukraine long-term


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This NATO never get tired of repeating No and don’t want to be a part Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.Meanwhile, allies tout their support for the government Vladimir Zelensky Played a “key role” in the victorious Kyiv counteroffensive. At the ministerial meeting that ends in Brussels on Thursday, the 30 member states (plus Sweden and Finland as guests) Has pledged to expedite arms shipments to Ukraine.

Currently, the Zelensky government’s main request to NATO is to send Air defense system to protect Kyiv and other cities from the Kremlin’s renewed indiscriminate bombardment this week. Russian President’s new war escalation, Vladimir Putinproven ‘Terrorist’ attack on Crimea bridge.

Ukrainian Defense Minister attends meeting in Brussels, Oleksi Reznikov. “The main item on the agenda is to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense“, wrote on his twitter account. Zelensky himself It called on “our partners to make progress on air and anti-missile defense issues and to reach agreements on new supplies of other weapons and ammunition we need.”

[La OTAN realizará ejercicios con armas nucleares tras la amenaza de Putin de usarlas]

The top priority (of the meeting) will be more air defense in UkraineNATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said. “We all understand why this is important: Terrifying and indiscriminate attack on Ukrainian city, civilian deaths and destruction of civilian infrastructure or bombing of energy systems, especially as winter approaches. All of this points to the urgent need for more air defense systems in Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said.

Germany takes its first stepsthe first air defense system has been delivered to Kyiv this week Iris-T, and committed to adding three more next year. Germany’s defense minister said it was “very important support for Ukraine’s fight against missile attacks and terrorist attacks on the population”, Christina Lambrecht.

return U.S. Has promised to send air defense systems as soon as possible NASA, one of the most advanced that Kyiv has received in recent months. “Despite Putin’s new attack, the Ukrainian army changed the dynamics of the war. They liberated hundreds of villages from Russian occupation. They recaptured thousands of square kilometers of land,” the U.S. defense secretary said. Lloyd Austin.

“These victories belong to the brave soldiers of Ukraine. But effort Safety assistance, training and support Members of the Contact Group (Support Ukraine) are crucial. We have made great progress working together,” Austin said.

France will also speed up arms shipments to Ukraine. “We will provide radars, systems and missiles (air defense) Protect Ukrainians from attack, especially from drones,” declared Emmanuel Macron In an interview with France 2 on Wednesday. The French president also pledged to provide Kyiv with six more Caesar cannons.

“The allies provide air defenses, but we need more. We need different types of air defenses: short-range, long-range, shot down ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, drones. Different systems for different missions. Ukraine is a big country, there are many city, so we must Increased support to help Ukraine defend more cities and territories Oppose Russia’s horrific attacks on its civilians,” Stoltenberg insisted.

However, the massive shipment of weapons to Ukraine is causing An increasingly important gap in NATO’s national arsenal, which threatens your defenses. For this reason, the Allies wanted to intensify dialogue with the military industry to increase production and thus replenish depleted reserves.

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht at a NATO meeting on Wednesday


We need to increase the production of ammunition and weapons To ensure the deterrence and defense of our own NATO allies, but also have sufficient funds to continue to support Ukraine long-term,” Stoltenberg explained. “The longer the war in Ukraine continues, the more cooperation with the industry. very important,” he added.

NATO defense ministers are also scheduled to discuss how to Enhanced protection of critical infrastructure After the damage to the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines.

“We have Our presence in the Baltic and North Seas has doubled to over 30 ships, supported by maritime patrol aircraft and submarine capabilities. Any attack on Allied critical infrastructure will receive a unified and robust response. “

Allies are also concerned that the Russian president is threatening to resort to nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war. “We have made it clear to Russia that this will have serious consequences for Russia. Russia knows that nuclear war is unwinnable and should not be fought.. We closely monitor Russia’s nuclear posture and see no change. But we will remain vigilant because Russia’s nuclear rhetoric is dangerous and irresponsible,” Stoltenberg said.

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