NATO in full swing: 30,000 mobile soldiers deployed in Norway at height of Ukraine war


Can withstand high temperatures of 5 degrees at noon, -12 midnight30,000 soldiers NATO, including a team spanish armyhas just been deployed to Norway.

The troops are participating in exercises that have been planned for months, but which coincide with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and escalating tensions between the West and the Kremlin.

As EL ESPAÑOL has learned, our armed forces are involved in this Cold Reactions 2022″250 soldiers from the 12th Brigade of Guadarrama, located at ergoloso military basenorth of Madrid.

A few days ago, they traveled to the North Pole, traveled to northern Europe, to acclimate, and then began a grueling maneuver with other soldiers. In addition to the army, Spain contributed a dozen Leopardo tanks and six Pizarro armored vehicles.

NATO flexed its muscles while Moscow continued to bomb Ukraine, even in cities very close to the borders of alliance these exercises Armies from up to 27 countries will participate, including external allies such as Finland and Sweden, Threats from Moscow in recent days.

As on other occasions, the joint exercise will showcase “NATO’s deploy tens of thousands of troopsin the Baltic Sea and even further north.

There will be 220 aircraft and more than 50 ships.According to sources consulted, it was an exercise “Defensive and long-term plan. But it’s a testament to what NATO is capable of Respond decisively to any threat from anywhere“.

“cold reaction” Fictional scenario of an attack on Norway Article 5 of the NATO Collective Defense Clause is invoked, so this is a mock deployment, fully compliant with the law.

As a prelude to the “cold response” that started today, the allies conducted the “Brilliant Leap Forward 2022” exercise.

80’s precedent

Given the size of the deployment and the forces involved, it is The most important exercise ever conducted by the Atlantic Alliance In the Arctic since the 1980s.

At NATO, they insist the campaigns have nothing to do with Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, as its celebrations were announced about a year ago. Now, they are not suspended either, despite how hot the area is now and how sensitive Putin is.

Despite NATO insistence, Russia rejected an offer to send observers to report on the exercise.

The military will participate in air and sea exercises over the next few weeks. Live-fire drills await them and they will be able to train to act in any weather condition.

A spokesman for the Norwegian military headquarters confirmed that there would be activity both at sea and in the air.British amphibious warship HMS Albion Among other things, officials have released several images of NATO allied ships meeting in the North Sea.

“Cold Response 2022” aims to strengthen the defense capabilities of the alliance member Norway in extreme weather conditions. “What does it take to defend, fight and survive in polar cold, extreme temperatures? It’s About Training “Vital Skills” This is useful in any risk situation. They will continue this operation until mid-April next year.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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