NATO agrees to double arms shipments to Ukraine in response to protracted war


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Faced with such prospects, NATO foreign ministers agreed on Thursday to increase arms supplies to Ukraine Vladimir Putin’s war extended“We have no indication that Putin has changed his goal of taking control of Ukraine and achieving a major military victory on the battlefield. This war can go on for days, but it can also go on for months or even years That’s why we have to prepare for the long term,” warns Jens Stoltenberg.

Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance He did not want to clarify whether the new war material shipments also included tanks and fighter requested by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Attend the Brussels Conference. Spain’s foreign affairs chief assured that the option “is not on the table right now”, Jose Manuel Albarez.

“We have agreed that we must maintain and strengthen Further support for Ukraine’s victory over Russian invasion“, Stoltenberg explained at the end of the two-day meeting. “The allies have done a lot and are determined to do more now and in the medium and long term. “He explained. One of the priority areas for assistance is reinforcements in cybersecurity and protection against possible chemical or biological attacks.

Does this extra aid include tanks and fighter jets? “If I was very specific, I would say too much,” Stoltenberg replied. Allies are supplying Kyiv with different weapons systems, Soviet era and more modern equipment. He stressed that the distinction between offensive and defensive weapons is meaningless because Ukraine has been unfairly attacked by Russia and has the right to defend itself.

“At the same time, NATO’s primary responsibility is to protect and defend allies and prevent this conflict from escalating into a full-scale war between NATO and Russia. That is why we must manage the risk of escalation,” the secretary-general reiterated. “NATO will not be directly involved in the conflictNATO countries will not send troops or capabilities to Ukraine,” he added.

Dmytro Kuleba and Jens Stoltenberg, joint appearance at NATO this Thursday


What are the consequences for NATO if the conflict continues? “If the war continues, the first risk is the Ukrainian people, who will suffer more and see more death and destruction. It will be a tragedy for them at first. But as the war lasts, There will be a risk of escalation beyond UkraineNATO is focused on preventing this escalation, ensuring allies are united and sending the same message, while also increasing their presence on the eastern flank,” Stoltenberg said.

Currently there are 40,000 troops under NATO’s direct command deployed mainly on the east flank, plus 100,000 U.S. troops in Europe. In addition, the heads of state and government plan to approve permanent strengthening of Polish or Baltic defenses during a summit in Madrid at the end of June.

“I came here with a simple message, I only have three points on the agenda for discussion: weapons, weapons and weapons”, Kuleba said at the end of the meeting. “The deal proposed by Ukraine is simple and fair. Give us everything we need and we will fight for our security and yours so that President Putin has no chance to test Article 5,” Ukraine’s foreign minister said.

Do you think the commitment of the allies is enough? “I have no doubt that Ukraine will have the necessary weapons to fight. But the question is timing, when do we get them, which is crucial,” he replied.

Anthony Blinken and Dmytro Kuleba, during this Thursday's NATO summit

Anthony Blinken and Dmytro Kuleba, during this Thursday’s NATO summit


“Russia withdrew from Kyiv and its environs not because they wanted to create a constructive atmosphere for negotiations, but because the Ukrainian army pushed them out because they needed more resources for a massive offensive in the Donbass. Battle of Donbass reminiscent of WWII, Massive action and maneuver of thousands of tanks, planes, artillery. It’s not going to be a local operation,” Kuleba said.

Either help us now – I’m talking days not weeks – or help comes too late Many people will die, many civilians will lose their homes, and many villages will be destroyed because aid comes too late,” he warned.

The Kyiv government also called on Western allies to further strengthen sanctions against Russia and implement a comprehensive energy embargo. “As long as the West continues to buy gas and oil from Russia, One hand for Ukraine, the other for the Russian war machineThe damage of the current sanctions has long-term effects, but people are dying now, the offense is now, and we need to take measures today to stop the Russian war machine,” Ukraine’s foreign affairs chief claimed.

High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Joseph BorrellCompanies that also attended the NATO meeting announced that the EU would discuss a possible embargo on Russian oil. “Sooner or later, I hope it will happen as soon as possible,” Borrell said. Currently, Germany, Austria and Hungary maintain the veto power.

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