NATO accuses Kremlin of making up false pretexts to invade Ukraine

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NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenbergaccusing the Kremlin of trying to mount a False excuses for the invasion of Ukraine As the tension increases and fire exchange recorded in the past few hours Between the Kiev authorities and pro-Russian separatists exist Donbass Region, UkraineAllies believe Moscow’s announcement that it has begun withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border is false, but insists on dialogue with Russia.

“Our concern is Russia tries to justify armed attack on Ukraine”, Stoltenberg said at the end of a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels on Thursday. At the meeting, the 30 members of the alliance began to prepare to send more battalions to the east flank, especially to Romania, To contain the threat from Russia.

“We don’t know Russia’s intentions, we don’t know what’s going to happen. But what we do know is that Russia has focused The most troops we’ve seen in Europe For decades in Ukraine and its environs,” the Union secretary general said.

“We also know that there are many Russian intelligence agents operating in Ukraine, they are in the Donbass. We also see attempts to make excuses, Operation False Flag, an excuse for the invasion of Ukraine. So it’s concerning,” he insisted.

Allies no longer gave the Kremlin credibility when it said it was committed to a diplomatic solution and announced a withdrawal. “Despite what Moscow has said, so far we haven’t seen any signs of withdrawal or de-escalationInstead, the Russian build-up appears to be continuing,” Stoltenberg insisted, saying the situation could be confirmed by publicly available satellite imagery.

“They have enough troops and capabilities Launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine with little or no notice. This is what makes the situation so dangerous. We don’t know what their intentions were, but deploying such a large number of troops in and around Ukraine is not a normal activity, it is a threat to a sovereign and independent country that they can attack without warning. “Norwegian.

Still, the defense minister reiterated his call on Russian President Vladimir Putin to drop the attack on Ukraine and sat down to talk. “We demand that Russia live up to its word and withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian border.. This will be an important first step towards a political settlement”, affirmed the Union Secretary-General.

“NATO believes in diplomacy and dialogue, which is why we continue to demand that Russia engage in dialogue with NATO in good faith,” he said.

This Thursday, the coalition defense ministers also met with the Ukrainian and Georgian defense ministers, who have conveyed this to them They will never accept Moscow’s demands to ban them from NATO.

“Allies have confirmed NATO’s doors remain open. Any decision to join NATO must be made by allies and aspiring nations, not by anyone else. The right of each country to choose its own path is absolutely fundamental to European and transatlantic security and must be respected,” Stoltenberg stressed.

The alliance also reiterated its “full support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia and Ukraine”. “We cannot accept going back to an era of spheres of influence where great powers harassed, intimidated or ordered others to do something. Decisions about Ukraine cannot be made without Ukraine, and decisions about Georgia cannot be made without Georgia,” the secretary said. long has been resolved.


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