National Guard and FBI seize yacht owned by Russian oligarch in Palma de Mallorca


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agent FBIHomeland Security Investigations (HIS) and National Guard Several documents and computer equipment have been intervened following a search inside the Russian yacht Tango on Monday. tentatively held in parma for weeks and linked up with tycoon Víktor Vekselberg.

As National Guard sources confirmed to Europa Press, the aim was to confirm the identity of the boat owner, 78 meters long Worth over 90 million euros, it will temporarily be paralyzed at the Parma shipyard.

yacht with a flag Island and registered in the name of a company located in the British Virgin Islands, which in turn is managed by a company in Panama, All of this comes after a complicated financial plot And the company hides its true ownership.

The National Guard has seized the yacht of a Russian oligarch claimed by the United States in Mallorca.

As for the tycoon, he’s a very close person Vladimir Putin Although he has not been European UnionYes, the U.S. Treasury Department is investigating him for tax fraud, money laundering and forged documents involving concealing true ownership of the luxury yacht to avoid sanctions.

These actions were carried out after the Parma 2nd Directive Court received a commission of inquiry from the United States.In addition, they are maintained by members of the National Guard Information Headquarters, the Balearic National Guard District Information Team, and the U.S. FBI and HIS federal agencies. Parma Second Order Court.

The search of the yacht lasted more than five hours and the seizure of the yacht has been added to the hold since mid-March port hadrian Ownership of the yacht “Lady Anastasia” (in Calvia) goes to the Russian arms manufacturer Alexander Mikheevstemming from EU-sanctioned sanctions against Russia and Belarus.

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