Nate Diaz smokes marijuana in front of USADA chief


Nate Diaz After receiving USADA staff at his home to collect urine for a doping test, Diaz reacted to the situation comically and casually, to the point of smoking marijuana in front of an onlooker.

When the USADA worker was still with him, Nate hosted a livestream from his Instagram where he smokes marijuana with no problem.

Diaz broadcast live from Instagram

“This man won’t leave my house because I didn’t pee enough for himDiaz said. “I wet everything I could, nig… How many liters do I need to make?” I have two more quarts of piss to give him and he won’t come out of here until [then]. DK is my boyfriend, but USADA can fuck with *** ads. Come back in six hours, I’ll give you two more. Sorry DC.

“Do you want to hit it?”Diaz asked, handing the joint to the sample collector, who declined the offer.

The unfortunate man did not know what he liked. Was he trying to get out of the frame, or was Nate just the person who would let him roam so freely.

Chimaev may be the last chance for Diaz

Unfortunately, the fight with Chimaev could be the last in his career for the 37-year-old Diaz. He has a grudge against UFC and hard to arrange a fight.

Diaz will face Chimaev in the main event of UFC 279 on September 10 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.


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