Natalia Sánchez: The reason why she suddenly moved to Argentina


Natalia Sanchez When he posted a photo on Instagram announcing that he would move to Argentina, all his fans were surprised. So, suddenly, from one day to the next. The actress used the same picture to explain why she packed her luggage at full speed and put them in the car. What made you make this fierce decision? She told herself all the reasons through this family snapshot.

«We are moving to #ARGENTINA! ???‍♀️✈️ So, from day to day! You already know what our work is like: “We will go wherever they tell us to go,” he began. In the photos of her and her partner, Mark Klot With his two children, at the airport gate, accompanied by a huge trolley with suitcases. They will spend a long time on the other side of the pond.

Translation of Teté in Serrano It was revealed that the reason they had to travel to Argentina was for work. A new project of the country’s local TV station, she will share the script with her beloved Mark, and she can’t stop celebrating: «This time it’s the Argentina Series let us pack up in record time Now we start! @marc_clotet and I will meet again on set, and meet again outside of Spain! (The last time was in Mexico?)! ». When they first experienced this experience, the destination they chose was Mexico.

Natalia Sánchez, in a performance / Gtres

Natalia Sánchez is accustomed to being sincere in front of her followers, which is why she thinks it is convenient to provide all the details about the plan to wait for them in the Argentine capital, this is where they will live: «This time we only cross the path by pressing Some order, but we are very excited! Marc will record much more than me, so I will do an intensive training with the children and receive various suggestions to distract them, as well as places and activities in Buenos Aires and Pinamar, We will record there! ?‍♀️?‍♀️», he commented.

In the end, he made it clear that this South American adventure was temporary, and set a date for his return: «I will share our adventure with you to bring you closer to home! Let’s see how we did it! It’s so exciting! ❤️ PS: Quiet mom, we are going home for Christmas, Like nougat! ?? », he is over.

The weird thing is, Elena Frias Know the area where Natalia and her family travel very well. For this reason, he allowed himself to post a recommended comment: «Pinamar! I spent many summers there! ! ! ! As I told you, my second home…and my family! Anything…you call me a little…(??)».

Natalia Sánchez and Mar Clotet, very satisfied with their
Natalia Sánchez and Mar Clotet / @natasanchezmol

Natalia Sánchez and Marc Clotet have been together since 2013, and they overlapped in the show that year LoversThe table witnessed a certain fascination and began a beautiful romantic relationship. Although they have not made the decision to go to the altar and get married, they have formed a beautiful family, with two children as the banner, a reason for happiness.

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