NASA’s Orion capsule breaks Apollo 13 record


Miami (EFE).- NASA’s Orión capsule measured a distance of 401,000 kilometers (249,666 miles) from the Tierra and broke así el record establecido in 1970 by the Apolo 13 as the spacecraft capable of transporting humans that more lejos ha viajado in history.

The US space agency reported this Saturday via the Orion Spacecraft Twitter account that the capsule had reached a point 53,687 miles (86,000 kilometers) from the Moon, while traveling at a speed of 3,300 kilometers ( 2,054 miles) per hour. .

The Artemis I unmanned mission, of which Orion is a part, has passed the distance of 400,171 kilometers (248,655 miles) from Earth, breaking the historic lunar mission record set in 1970.

During its trip around the Moon, during which it will be about 40,000 miles beyond the far side of the Moon, NASA expects the spacecraft to be as far from Earth it will reach during this mission on Monday: more than 430,000 kilometers (268,552 miles).

View of an announcement of the Artemis I mission, in a file photograph. EFE/Cristobal Herrera

The spacecraft has been in “retrograde orbit” since Friday, meaning it circles the moon in the opposite direction the moon travels around Earth, having passed about 130 kilometers (81 miles) on Monday. ) of the lunar surface, as close as possible to the satellite as it will pass within the framework of this mission.

Mike Sarafin, director of Artemis, said on a conference call this week that the mission is “exceeding expectations” and the capsule is showing excellent performance.

“We are still learning along the way about this new deep space spacecraft,” he added.

NASA’s commitment to Artemis I

Last Wednesday 16, NASA’s Artemis I unmanned mission successfully lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral (Florida), which aims to prepare the way for lunar exploration for the subsequent dispatch of astronauts.

The overall goal of NASA’s Artemis program, which marked the debut of the powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, is to return humans to the Moon for the first time in half a century and establish a base as the previous step to reach Mars.

The last NASA mission in which its astronauts set foot on the Moon dates back to Apollo 17, which took place between December 7 and 19, 1972.


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