NASA wants to learn how to have sex in space


HOURsex outside the Earth’s atmosphere can prove to be very challenging for various reasons, as it is believed to be incompatible with human biology.

A person’s sexual libido decreases in space due to existing microgravity, as blood flow, muscle and skeletal strength decrease, and hormonal changes occur that contribute to a decrease in sex drive.

Space sex will require anchors

NASA researchers are eager to study the problem of sex in space because it will be vital to the success of a space mission in the future, as immortalizing a species on another planet would be a big step forward in the quest to settle in space. future.

“Each push or push will push the astronaut in the opposite direction.” – Physicist and astronomer John Millis told BuzzFeed.

“Imagine a pair of skaters standing on fresh ice. If they pushed each other with their hands, each of them would bounce off each other.

“Astronauts must be properly tethered not only to the space station itself, but also to each other. This makes the mechanics of intercourse complex and probably somewhat awkward.”

Cosmic sex has been studied on animals

The question of sex in space has already been studied in animals, but this is not enough. It is necessary to find out exactly how this will apply when it comes to people.

“We have studied the basics of reproductive physiology in several species, including fruit flies, worms, snails, jellyfish, fish, frogs, chicken (bird) eggs, and rodents,” a NASA spokesman told Miku.

“Other studies have also been completed using bovine and human semen.”

Now NASA wants to continue this research and find more compelling answers about how sex will work in space.


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