Nancy Pelosi Leaves Taiwan: What’s Behind US-China Tensions?


FROMHina and United States experiencing a state of tension never seen before in recent times.

Visit to Taiwan Nancy PelosiSpeaker of the US House of Representatives, has strained relations between the two countries as China threatens the United States over its actions.

But why is the island of Taiwan so important, and what has driven relations between the two powers to such an extreme?

threats from China

Nancy PelosiTaiwan’s visit is part of an Asian tour with Japan and South Korea on the agenda.

However, the choice of Taiwan angered China, which lashed out at the US with statements from China’s foreign minister. Wang Yi.

“Whoever offends China will be punished.” Van told CCTV.

“Those who play with fire will end badly, and those who insult China must be punished.”

It should be recalled that although Taiwan and the United States do not have trade relations, the United States is their main supplier of weapons, which makes it an important enclave in the event of an armed conflict between the two powers.

Taiwan, on the other hand, is considered a rebellious province by Beijing, and their alliance with the United States is worrying.

Importance of Taiwan in this conflict

China stepped up its military maneuvers near the island to show its displeasure. However, Taiwan has also responded with similar actions amid China’s concerns about possible financial repercussions.

Herein lies the importance of Taiwan, which produces 65% of the world’s microchips, which are the key components of electronic devices such as mobile phones.


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