Naji Harris, who does not know the rules: “I did not know that we could play a draw”


TI have Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions (16-16) have earned their first draw in the NFL since week 3 of the 2020 season when Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles draw 23-23.

The rules are written long ago and it is widely known that when two teams cannot score or only score from a field goal in their first possession in extra time, a draw is declared.

Confusion while playing

I have another quarter

Naji Harris

There’s no such draw option in college football, and obviously the Steelers rookie is running backwards. Naji Harris still attending his school.

“I didn’t even know you could draw in the NFL,” Harris said. “In my imagination, I sat on a bench and said, ‘I still have a quarter.’ But someone came up to me and said, “That’s all.” I’ve never had a tie in my life. “

Lvov vs. Steelers.

But, apparently, not only Harris is infected with the virus of ignorance of his profession.

“This is madness,” Lvov has been running for the second year in a row. Godwin igwebuike said. “I went back there and thought, ‘Hey, how many overtime hours can we do? “And they’re like,” Three “… I hear,” Two, one, “and we’re like,” Hey, no matter what happens, we’re just going to put all our energy into it. “

Draws count in the NFL

Thanks to the draw, Lviv (0-8-1) ensured that they would not have a second losing season (they lost). 0-16 in 2008), but they could still have a second losing campaign with 16 losses.

This is half the game

Joe Schobert

Pittsburgh (5-3-1) was one win away Baltimore crows at the top of AFC North, but lost half the game, which is difficult for some to understand.

“A draw in the NFL always feels like a loss when you get into the dressing room because you don’t add one to the win column,” – Steelers midfielder Joe Schobert said. “This is half the game. In the end, it can make a difference. It definitely hurts to miss it when you’re so close. “

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