‘Nail art’ at Christmas? The best 3 salons to get your nails done


There is barely a month left to enter the final stretch before Christmas, and what better way to get ready for the big date than by taking care of ourselves. That is why we must pay special attention to some parts of the body, such as the hands and especially the nails, which play a key role at family dinners and friendly gatherings, where these structures come to light more. than on other occasions, which is why you have to have them perfect.

Professional performing a manicure

If you don’t know how to make elegant nails that match your style, don’t worry, because in LOOK we bring you the solution. And it is that, although you do not have that ability to carry out a perfect design, the truth is that there are endless salons surrounded by professionals who can help you at very good prices, and in this post we will tell you about it.

The jewel in the crown is, without a doubt, Hello Nails. This franchise has centers in practically every corner of the country, including Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, and even outside our borders, such as Andorra. That is why, thanks to the facilities it offers, it has become the place of trust for some of the influencers most prominent on the national scene, with several services so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs at all times. However, the manicurists of the center in question will be happy to advise you so that it is easier for you to choose between all the options available, thus being able to immerse yourself fully in the world of nail art.

Another of the great nail experts is none other than the franchise Nail Factory, which on its website defines its services with three words: “Tranquility, quality and above all safety” also having “excellent hygiene and disinfection protocols”, in order to be able to boast of hands, eyelashes and eyebrows without having to put your health at risk. As it could not be otherwise, this center also has its own web page, in which a lot of services are reflected and also the option of having promotions in order to discount money in some of your sessions, so do not hesitate to inform you and put you in the hands of the best professionals.

Gwen Stefani with yellow nails / Gtres
Gwen Stefani with yellow nails

Finally, from LOOK we also recommend that you place your trust in dunes, a beauty center that, in addition to leaving you divine hands, is also specialized in eyelashes, hairdressing, waxing and various facial treatments, with franchises in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil. So, if in addition to giving your nails a 180-degree turn, you want to get ready for the entire Christmas festivities, this is probably your best option at very competitive prices.


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