Nagore Roble’s nice dress to sweep the weekend is from Uterqüe


We have the dress that will meet you at all parties and events, it is striking and elegant at the same time. Is he dress of Nagore Robles to rage weekend. You have it in Uterqüe and Nagore Robles took it in the latest debate on the Island of Temptations. She was amazing as always!

Discover all the details of the moment’s garments that are sold out as the seconds go by. So you have to look in physical stores and ask for the size for when they replace it.

Look at the amazing dress from Nagore Robles to sweep

We are talking about a garment that belongs to the collection that is inspired by the new comfort, with a vibrant color palette that signifies optimism.

Is one dress mini structure with round neckline and puff sleeves. It has a zipper at the back and is designed for an effect adapted to the figure.

It does not love everyone and because of this and because Nagore Robles took it on TV (and shows it like this on his Instagram) it is sold out. You will wear it during all the events you have in 2022 because you will look like a princess or a queen thanks to its puffed sleeve design that stands out a lot.

Nagore Roble's nice dress to sweep the weekend is from Uterqüe

But the most important thing is that it stylizes the figure because the rest of the dress is tight and this lifts our figure much more. in this case, it stands out for its pastel colors. Yes OK there is another dress Uterqüe in purple, slightly stronger, of the same cut and design, which the partner also showed on TV and in the networks.

What should you wear this dress with?

From the web is combined with sandals in pink while the partner chose shoes, also in the form of a sandal, in silver. Anyway, it has to be with the best heels for the moment because that’s how they look a lot more.

We can also wear it with other accessories such as silver, pink or gold handbags. At the same time we will also take into account some earrings in silver and in the form of a waterfall, a necklace of the same color or a super ring that can be combined. Even if the dress does not need anything else because it already shines by itself. We ensure that the dresses in this style of the brand do not go unnoticed and if you wear them, you will always be the center of attention. And its price is really low for the amount of work and details required.

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