Nadal on disqualification of Russian players at Wimbledon: Let’s see if we can make some decision


Rafael Nadal expressed his disagreement with Wimbledondecision to ban Russian and Belarusian participants from playing.

This is due to the West’s ongoing boycott of Russia and its allies following that country’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year.

“Let’s see if we can make a decision on this,” Nadal explained.

“This is very unfair to my colleagues, they are not to blame for what is happening with the war. I feel sorry for them, and I want this not to happen.

“After all, we know it is. When the government introduces measures, we must follow them.”

Nadal hopes rib fracture is behind him

Rib fracture remains Nadal has been out of action in recent weeks, but the legendary tennis star believes his illness is behind him.

“Honestly, I have recovered from the injury,” he added.

“Tennis and training are different stories, those who broke a rib know how limiting it is, I had trouble sleeping because of the pain in the first few weeks.

“This injury didn’t allow me to do almost anything, I was in pain even when I was just doing aerobics.”


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