Nacho Taboada takes a step forward with Sara Carbonero


love story between nacho taboada Yes Sarah Carbonero Keep grabbing the headlines. While both have always wanted to stay behind the scenes, the truth is that their romance hasn’t gone unnoticed in the social chronicles. Now, on their first international trip together, a small detail It has been made clear that their relationship is going from strength to strength and is at full sail.

On his birthday, the singer shared a post with several photos, the last one being of a reporter.a step forward to prove it His new fantasy is already an undeniable reality. And now, in addition to becoming adults, we are breaking away from the habits of youth. So we walked around the sun with gratitude. The gratitude goes beyond words. It drives us to do good and to want to do good for others.It’s a desire to share and seek encounters’, accompanied by a carousel. One of their favourite groups before wrapping up their trip to the sun was Vetusta Morla: ‘It didn’t rain on the Copenhagen Canal in the end, but The current really shows us the way to the sea“.

Precisely because, in addition to music, the couple has another hobby: prose. Proving it is the texts they shared on this trip to Copenhagen, where they got every follower involved.In her case, the ex-wife Iker Casillas He did the same on his Instagram, leaving unexplained reflections. “Mangata. There is no translated Swedish word, it is the reflection of the path of the moonlight as it reflects in the water. (Or one of those moments you will live forever).” They go looking, but on the way“.

Nacho and Sarah started writing their love story last April.After her split with Iker Casillas, she Kiki Morente, the reporter returned to discover the illusion of the singer’s hand. Apparently, it all happened by accident, as the pair both attended a mutual friend’s concert that marked the beginning and end of their relationship. Their love affair started slowly, in group meetings and outings, they are increasingly associated with more power. A few months later, both took a step forward and embarked on this adventure, and they remain protagonists to this day.

Yes The Love Token of Universe 2.0 Confirming the progress of their relationship comes at a bad time for Iker Casillas, who has been the victim of an alleged hack that has put him in the sight of a hurricane.The former goalkeeper could start a romance after it was revealed Alejandra Oneevaa controversial tweet in which he announced his gay became the object of criticism. Minutes after the network caught fire, the footballer showed his face to confirm he had been hacked. Realistic or not, the fact is that the dispute has been resolved.


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