Nacho Cano: “Life is much better with Ayuso, whether you like it or not, but that’s the way it is”


Musician Nacho Cano went through esRadio microphones to present in It’s morning Federico his latest professional project, malinche, blockbuster, in which he invested 12 million euros and on which he has been working for twelve years. It opens on September 15 in Madrid.

malinche talks about the birth of mixed marriages. “My father was from a city near Hernan Cortes and he always spoke to me of conquerors, though I did not pay much attention to him. I write about what I live, and when I lived in Miami in 2010, I completely immersed myself in the world of mixed marriages and began to investigate, – said the musician. — The story seemed spectacular to me. We know where the first mestizos come from, i.e. Martin, son of Cortes and Malinche“, he added.

Malinche defends a musician who mediates between two cultures on the brink of inevitable conflict: “She plays a fundamental role in building the American continent.” “Impressive that the Spaniards gave him Dona’s treatment of a slave while. She was a female figure in a world of very violent men who managed to survive and solve problems that would have been much more violent. She was one of the greatest promoters of Christianity. For her, baptism meant freedom.”


She was extremely talented and “eventually became the commander-in-chief of the Indians.” “There is an absurd myth that could not be that she was a traitor. But she said that the Spaniards were going to release them. Human sacrifice was the backbone of Aztec culture.we have to respect the cosmogony of that culture, but it was very cruel. She was the liberator of many enslaved peoples,” Kano said into the microphones of esRadio.

Very expensive project

The founder of Mecano admitted that this is a very expensive project with 150 employees and a spectacular set in which no shortage of pyramids, lakes and boats. 12 million euros were invested in it. “I have had very good investors and people who have opted for perfection and emotion. We won’t have to envy any Broadway musical.”

He wants to remain unaffected by criticism and promises to give the public “superiority”: “You may like it or not, agree or not, but I offer superiority. Artists must sublimate reality and bring it into the world of magic.” And it is Nacho Cano who is one of those artists, the great cultural entrepreneurs, who are attacked no matter what they do. “The difference between Antonio Banderas and me is that he is very cute,” he joked.

Criticism fell upon him and for words in favor of Isabelle Diaz Ayuso, confession, which he did not hesitate to repeat: “What luck that it fell on us! With her, our life is much better, whether you like it or not, but it is so.

The cast is “impressive”, with names like Jesus Carmona “the best dancer on the planet”. Kano did not shy away from questions about Chanel, Spanish representative at Eurovision, who was supposed to be one of the main characters malinche and finally, he will only participate sporadically. “Chanel came to Eurovision with a preparation that no one else had, she was with me for a year and three months, dancing, singing and playing. She came out, and it was like dropping an atomic bomb. It hasn’t been for a long time. She doesn’t She is a 20 year old girl and she should take advantage of this, she is playing her cards.”

malinche The curtain will go up on September 15 at Ifema and it will be more than just a musical. The establishment features a “temple of outcasts”, a Mexican-Spanish gastronomic experience, impressive heated gardens with a food truck, and karaoke with songs adapted for the location.

It will be a musical suitable for the little ones: “This is a very fun way to understand the importance we had in the discovery of America and they will see flamenco in a way that will be cool. In many ways, children will discover things that they have not liked until now.”


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