Nacho Cano claims Mas Madrid is pursuing him for supporting Ayuso


Just over four months ago, singer-songwriter Nacho cano received Grand Cross of the Order of May 2 from the President of the Community of Madrid. An emotional gesture about which there are many headlines However, the artist decided to transfer it to Isabelle Diaz Ayuso herself.: “I think the medal for art and culture this year for keeping theaters open, for being such a brave and such a good president, you deserve it“.

After this episode, criticism did not cease to fall on him for the allegedly favorable attitude towards him from the regional president, if he conceded temporarily plot of Ortaleza district put on a show where he will be a producer and director.

In an interview with Europa Press, the singer rejects such insinuations and assures that those who are trying to attack the president, using him “as a friend of Ayuso” and supporting him, “should think twice,” because, in his opinion, the message is being sent. “Gentlemen of culture and artists, do not get out of the habitual thought, see what is happening with Nacho Cano.“.

“Artists could only be on the left”

“How can I not support Ayuso if he left the theaters open?” insisted, ensuring that, Although Ayuso belonged to Podemos, he would also support her if she did the same.

However, it is clear to the artist that this campaign is “organized by Mas Madrid, especially Monica Garcia“to which he assures that he would like to invite” to the composition, to write about the work done and the efforts, to see how difficult it is to write a song and how easy it is to tweet and close a project“.” You will love this because almost all of them are on the left, because until I arrived, in this country, artists could only be leftists“, – he snapped.

“This is not a concession”

With regard to the site, Kano wanted to make it clear that “this is not a concession” and that the said space “is for the creation of culture” so that no other non-cultural building can be built. The artist stressed that “the canonical price is 454,000 euros, which is established by law, in addition to a guarantee of similar amounts.” Thus, with these costs “he invests almost a million euros to start“.

Based on the criticism and campaign organized by Mas Madrid, the composer expressed concern about the jobs that are at stake, as he expects this show will create “165 direct and 500 indirect jobs“In addition, he assured that a project of this magnitude would bring many benefits to business in the area and help to revive tourism. This is a show that he has been working on for many years and which he will talk about in more detail. on the documentary, which will premiere on Netflix on October 12.

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