NA-KD’s cutout dresses that are a copy of María Pombos


Cut out dresses are a trend in the fashion world. We see them everywhere, and there is not an event where they are not present, not even an influencer on social networks who has not worn this garment in recent weeks.

From the most striking designs to the most delicate openings, there are models for every type of woman. In its new collection for this season, NA-KD has launched two cutout dresses that are a copy of María Pombos.

If you have not yet chosen look that you should wear on the most important date of Christmas, like Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, one of these two dresses can be a very good option. Comfortable, stylish and elegant!

Cut Out Maxi Glitter Dress

A long dress made of 88% polyester, 4% lycra and 8% metal fiber. Featuring a round neckline and long sleeves, it features a cut-out detail at the front and waist. It is navy blue and it feels amazing on women of all sizes and body types because it maximizes curves. It enhances the silhouette, and you can multiply this effect by combining the dress with sandals or high heels.

The monochrome look It’s more fashionable than ever, so you can choose the shoes and bag in the shade of blue that you like the most. To go out at night, you can also opt for sandals or heels in silver, which form a perfect tandem with navy blue.

The price of the dress is €63.95and are on sale from size XXS to XXL.

Knitted maxi dress with cut-out details

A long brown dress made of knitted fabric and with a braided detail at the front. With long sleeves and a cut-out detail at the waist, it features a V-neckline. Just like the previous one, it is a dress that is very tight, so it really enhances the curves while slimming the waist.

for one nice evening look, you can combine it with shoes or heeled sandals in beige. To avoid worrying about foot pain, choose shoes that are comfortable for you, preferably with a wide, low or medium heel.

If you want to get the dress, it is available in the online store too €92.95from size XXS to XXL.


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