Mystery solved: Infanta Sofía is the true fan of Gavi

Spain fell in the round of 16 in the World Cup from Qatar. However, the football competition will leave for the annals of history a joke that has caused rivers of ink to flow in the national and international press. After Spain beat Costa Rica 7-0, the king went down to the spa to celebrate with the players.

Between celebrations and cheers, Gavi, the FC Barcelona player and one of the sensations of ‘La Roja’, gave Felipe VAnd a signed shirt of his. The size, quite small, raised all suspicions: the garment would not be for the sovereign but for one of his daughters. The Telecinco program socialite he ventured to name the owner of the gift and this was none other than Leonor. The princess of Asturias then found herself, overnight, grabbing headlines alongside the most desired footballer. However, the real story is quite different and looks it tells you exclusively.

Gavi during a match / Gtres

Sources close to Casa Real have denied to this digital that there is any interest on both sides by Leonor and Gavi and that in reality, the athlete’s gift to Don Felipe was for the Infanta Sofía, the true “family soccer player”. As you may have learned looksthe king’s youngest daughter She is a true fan of the so-called king sport and he has lived this World Cup with special intensity: “She is like her great-grandmother, Doña María de las Mercedes: more Spanish than the Giralda. She has been very aware of the entire competition and even the qualifying phase. She is a true follower of this sport and she also practices it”, reveals a source. It states that “it was the player himself who spontaneously gave him the shirt for Sofía. There is no romantic interest on the part of the infanta. I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

The Infanta Sofía in an archive image / Gtres

La Infanta Sofía: soccer player with some disgust included
Sofía de Borbón y Ortiz is second in line to the throne of Spain. Second daughter of the Kings Felipe and Letizia, is, due to her status as a second, less exposed than her older sister, Leonor, who is called to be queen in the near future. Perhaps for this reason, when Gavi gave the detail, media from around the world pointed to the Princess of Asturias as deserving of the gift. Sofia has been, however, the graceful one. And it is that in addition to being a great soccer fan, she also practices it.

Infanta Sofía and Princess Leonor at the concert prior to the Princess of Asturias Awards / Gtres

looks has been able to know that in the Santa Maria de los Rosale Colleges, it is common to see the infanta with the ball: “Sofia is an excellent athlete, competitive and good dribbling. Sometimes she has even been seen playing soccer with friends at school, which has earned her some displeasure ”. She knows this digital that some classmates have “laughed” at this passion of the Spanish infanta: “I read a long time ago that Sofía had suffered bullying from classmates who laughed for playing soccer. It has not been remotely anything like the bullying. Childishness, comments and nothing more. It was even said that Doña Letizia had worried about it and that is not true either. Sofía is very popular and appreciated and also, when she has something to say, she says it herself, she has her temperament ”. There is no doubt that the story of a possible romance between Eleanor and Gavi would have given great joy to the social chronicle, but for now, the one that has marked “goal” It’s Sofia.