Mussolini’s granddaughter to Georgia Meloni: “You are my role model, I admire and respect you”


Rachele Mussolini, the granddaughter of Benito Mussolini, said emotionally: “Despite my last name, I am a modern and open-minded woman who writes on Facebook Congrats to Giorgia Meloni on her win. Italian election this Sunday.

The Triumph of Meloni and the Italian Brothers (italian fraternity) vote is historic: it will be the first far-right government since the Mussolini era.Conservative bloc, which also includes the coalition Matteo Salvini Party with Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconiwon the election, between brackets 41% and 45% of the votesenough to control the House of Commons and Senate preponderance

The granddaughter of ‘Duce’ expressed support for the candidate and thanked Italian politicians for betting on her in the 2016 election as the most voted mayor on Rome’s city council list, ‘Flatelli’. “I hope I didn’t disappoint you”, chanted in the message. The link between the two is irrefutable. Italian Brothers was born from the Italian Social Movement (MSI) founded by followers of Benito Mussolini.

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“Unlike someone who’s known you for 20 years and can tell anecdotes and dust off, I can’t. I’ve known you since 2016, when you decided to bet on me in the election…I Hope I didn’t disappoint you. I spent just over 600 votes to 8600…I show that, despite my last name, I’m a very open-minded modern woman,” begins the message.

“I talked to you a few times, but they were enough to make me understand that you are a woman (capital ‘M’) who has decided to devote herself entirely to her greatest love: Italy. So I admire you, respect you, and follow your exampleRachele’s post continues.

Romano Mussolini’s daughter has decided not to run in these elections because her surname is “too heavy” and she doesn’t want to damage the image of her Italian brother.this in a interview him Huffington Post Italian In it he admitted that although Most voted MPs in Rome 2016 – This does not mean that she was elected mayor through the special Italian voting system where you can choose to mark who is your favourite candidate even if it is not the leader of the coalition list or the party you support already Voted – and he preferred to stay away from the polls so as not to “get into trouble” with the party that Melloni founded in 2012.

Rachel said she was “hard to think” that if she ran as a candidate in the Italian capital again, the party “will have to defend itself and be in trouble”. “I don’t deserve candidacy, and my surname must be heavy and troublesome,” he continued.

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in a interview Corriere della Sera 2016, Rachel has admitted, the last name is an unbearable burden. “I have never used my last name, instead I paid dearly for it. It’s hard to be called Mussolini, in Rome, in Italy, in the world. It’s a very demanding surname, but I’ve inherited it with great pride. “

The granddaughter of the “Duke” has some baggage outside the political coffers. She was shortlisted for Miss Italy in 1996, when she was only 22 years old. After passing the competition, he continued his academic training, graduating with a major in Language and Sociology. In addition, he studied for a master’s degree in communication, which helped him to work for several years at RAI, the Italian public television station.

Uncertainty in Europe

Meloni’s victory is a pot of cold water for Brusselswho is concerned to see Italian far-right candidates come to power. The historic victory of the Italian brothers is all the more remarkable if one takes this into account In 2018, they received only 4% of the vote.

Not in vain, neither did the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyennor the chairman of the council, charles michael, congratulations to Italy on the result. “Too many Italians still choose not to trust these institutions,” Meloni said in front of the media after 02:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Giorgia Meloni celebrates her victory in Italian elections

Despite a staggering number of abstentions, a quarter of the country’s voters chose “fraternity.” The party with Melloni as its neo-fascist roots won the most votes with 25.3%.

This is followed by Democrats (19.5%), Five Star Movement (16%), Alliance (8.5%), Forza Italia (7.9%), Action-Italia Viva (7.5%), Green Left Alliance (3.6%) , +Europe (3%), Italexit (2%), American Moderates (1%) and Civic Commitment (0.7%).

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