Musonda reappears in MARCA: I’m fine, people say without knowing the truth


Fbefore Real Betis player Charlie Musonda broke his silence after an unusual set of circumstances in his career.

The Belgian side declared him missing. Zulte Waregemthe club he trained with and looked set to sign with after leaving Chelsea.

“We don’t know anything about him. I don’t know if we should still trust him because he hasn’t been here since training a few weeks ago and there has been no contact with him. Will he ever return? idea,” said Eddie Cordier. Zultegeneral manager.

However, MARK contacted Musondawhich assures us that the situation is not as explained.

“I’m fine. Over the years, I realized that people talk a lot without knowing the truth, but that’s not my problem,” he told MARCA.

former Chelsea, Betis, Celtic and Vitesse In recent years, the player has gone through a long period of injury, but he does not give up.

Musonda makes it clear that he intends to return to the field.

“I love football, I have always loved it and always will,” he said.

“I trained for four years – only three of them – without playing, dreaming that one day I would not only play, but come back to the top.”

Musonda, who was signed by Chelsea ahead of other European giants, is sure to find a new destination this summer.

“Very soon I will be back on the field and doing what I love. Gradually I will return to the top, and perhaps it will be in Spain. Let people say the transfer window closes on August 31st.”

At 25, the Belgian is confident he will return to the top: “I have 10 more years left in football, two to prepare and eight to reach the top.”


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