Musk fires Twitter lawyer over ‘suppression of information’ –


(NewsNation) — Elon Musk fired Twitter’s deputy general counsel, Jim Baker, the tech billionaire announced on social media Tuesday.

Twitter’s new owner claimed he let Baker go because of his “possible role in suppressing information important to the public dialogue.”

“He was exited from Twitter today,” Musk wrote in a tweet responding to journalist Matt Taibbi.

Matt published a thread to Twitter over the weekend alleging that Twitter suppressed a NY Post story about the president’s son, Hunter Biden, and his laptop. The threat also revealed alleged communication between Twitter executives and both the Trump and Biden campaigns during the 2020 presidential election. Both camps, Taibbi wrote, often reached out to Twitter to block stories or tweets they thought were inaccurate or misinformation, though he contends the content moderation system was biased in favor of liberal-leaning requests.

Taibbi had been provided access to internal documents surrounding Twitter’s alleged communication with politicians to censor information, Axios reported. The journalist has said he had to agree to “certain conditions” to get the documents but he did not say exactly what those were.

Baker, Taibbi claimed

vetted the information given to Taibbi for the “Twitter Files” without the knowledge of Twitter’s “new management,” and delayed giving the documents to him.


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