Museums are celebrating a big day today


Under the motto “The Power of Museums” for their ability to transform the world, these containers of artistic, scientific or anthropological treasures celebrate their big day today with a variety of offerings, in addition to the traditional tours and workshops.

After two years of the pandemic, state museums are showing off their chests after a 67% increase in visits in the first quarter, and they celebrate the fact that after two years of negotiations with the Ministry of Culture, an agreement has been reached to strengthen their staff.

With this good news, for example, Thyssen Bornemisza National Museum will open its doors to all visitors so that they can see both the permanent collections and Carmen Thyssen and temporary exhibitions free of charge Hyper-realistic. The art of trickery or Emotional landscapes by Ragnar Kjartansson (to be clarified 21).

At 12 a.m, Prado Museum hosts a meeting, which will be streamed live from the art gallery’s Instagram account, between directors and heads of museum collections from all over Spain, such as Reina Sofía, Thyssen Bornemisza, Badajoz Fine Arts or Valladolid Sculpture.

Prado will also be presented today tribute to Ukrainian museums with the installation of two canvases of the Ukrainian flag on its main facades.

Similarly, in Barcelona, ​​also with free admission, there will be a traditional special sale. MACBA bookswhere the museum makes a selection of its books available to everyone for a single price of 6 euros.

On the occasion of this day, Radio 3 and Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid They come together again to broadcast 48 live performances for 17 hours non-stop (from 7:00 am to 00:00 am).

In Valencia AND YOU invites the public to familiarize themselves with the restrictions and prohibitions of the museum through an event called No cracks which will end with a performance.

Concert “Cello”

Villa Romana La Olmeda, located in Pedrosa de la Vega (Palencia), invites you to enjoy tomorrow, Thursday, a visit to the site, a solo concert by Daniel Asebes. cellista very popular musician from Palencia after joining the tour last February. Without singing and tuning K. Tangana tour.

On the same day the gardens Helga de Alvear Museum in Caceres They will serve as a stage for an action against the war in Ukraine with the participation of more than 350 schoolchildren with the aim of turning the museum into a place for upholding and protecting human rights.

Royal sites

National Heritage will mark this day free entry to 12 royal sites and royal monasteries. The open day will include full opening hours for each monument. Spectators will be able to visit them by getting a free ticket at the box office.


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