Mrs. Di’s iconic cardigan arrives in Spanish store at the price of a heart attack

Lady Di is and will become a style icon, The princess in the village inspired fabulous costumes such as sweater sheep Stradivari Dare to cover up at the cost of a heart attack. This type of clothing is perfect for this time of year. The greatest expression of nature, a piece of clothing with individuality, is very suitable for blending with the pastoral atmosphere that we want to restore in our daily lives.Contact with nature is essential for human beings. If we cannot approach it physically, we will communicate with Miss Di.

Stradivarius revamps the iconic Lady Di woolen sweater and sells it to heart patients

A few seasons ago, the same brand that created Mrs. Di’s sheep skirt was once again sold for hundreds of euros. Fortunately, Stradivari dared to create a model with the same spirit Much less, only 25.99 euros. Inditex did not hesitate to find inspiration from fashion icons such as Lady Di at a low price to create a new series with the style of the 1980s.

The princess in the town is a simple and natural woman. She fell in love with her prince deeply in an idyllic environment, accompanied her future husband to a polo match, and enjoyed the country life with her dog and the incredible green landscape of her land.. Sheep and the endless meadow used to be the scene of their love, This feeling was first remembered by Mrs. Di when she was wearing her clothes.

Mrs. Di’s iconic cardigan arrives in Spanish store at the price of a heart attack

The only princess wearing a cashmere sweater Turn this dress into the most authentic symbol of pastoral love. Stradivarius changed this almost fabulous costume into a beautiful blue, more cautious than intense red, suitable for the era in which we live. Before such soft tones, relaxation was absolute, imagining a sheep painted in a green field more realistically than Mrs. Di’s clothes.

We can Put the shirt Mrs. Di wore underneath In this way, we copied his style and updated it to this year 2021. It is impossible not to fall in love with a distinctive sweater right away, it is already precious. With jeans, pants, skirts or jumpsuits, it will look very eye-catching, worthy of a princess.

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