Mr. Sato Gets Invited to His First Pole Dancing Performance, Almost Throws Him Out【Video】


You are as old as you feel.

Starting out as an uncoordinated youth who shunned athletics, it’s inspiring to see this happen our reporter, Mr. Sato, started pole dancing in his forties and constantly improved his art and himself. Now, six years into the launch, he received his first ever guest appearance invitation.

The invitation was for the Hachinohe Aerial Dance show in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture. The place was quite far north of Mr. Sato’s apartment in Tokyo, but he was too excited to say no, so he jumped on a train and went.

On the train ride, he thought admiringly that if he had told himself that one day he would be asked to perform at a dance recital, he would never have believed it.

Two hours and 30 minutes later, he arrived at Hachinohe Station. It was noticeably colder than Tokyo by about five degrees, but his heart was pounding so hard he could barely feel the chill.

He went to Hachinohe’s Aerial Studio the day before the show because he was told that if he wanted to, he could attend a workshop and take some time to get used to the studio.

Mr. Sato was delighted with the size of the place. In Tokyo, space is very limited, so even larger studios are either very tall but narrow or very wide but with low ceilings. The place was both high and wide, and the opportunity to dance in such a place completely wiped away his tiredness after the long train journey.

What’s more, it had remote-controlled lighting and killer little JBL speakers that pumped out clear bass. Mr. Sato asked his studio contact Mr. Osawa if he could practice a bit before the show. Mr. Osawa said he was fine and that he was away on business for the next hour or two, so Mr. Sato could have the place to himself.

Our reporter’s eyes widened at the suggestion…

Mr. Sato: “Woooooooooo!”

Like a kid in a candy store, he made full use of the facilities and danced with all his heart. And with the added benefit of privacy, decided to really loosen up and put on the song “Kickback” by Kenshi Yonezu which is also the opening theme song of the anime Man with a chainsaw.

As a fast rhythm pulsed from the speakers, Mr. Sato kicked into high gear…






 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^ ̄

Mr. Sato’s soft boot was rudely interrupted by a tearing sensation in the lower part of his right leg, accompanied by a burning pain.

Mr. Sato: “Argh! My leg!”

Mr. Sato: “Mr. Yonezu! What have you done?!”

Mr. Sato thought the song was so cool that it broke his leg. However, upon further consideration, he knew better not to blame the award-winning singer-songwriter. He was 48 years old and should have been more aware of his physical limitations.

This did not bode well for his performance the next day, but Mr. Sato decided to rest for a while and keep an eye on his leg before reporting it to the event staff.

As it happened, while his leg was still hurting, Mr. Sato found that if he wrapped it tightly, the pain would be bearable. He wrapped it in a bandage and added a leg band for further support. He wouldn’t be able to fly at full capacity, but he was sure he could handle it.

It was close, but he managed to get through the workshop and the show without any problems. In fact, watching him in action, you’d never know he was injured.

On the way back to Tokyo, Mr. Sato pondered this valuable lesson he had learned. It’s great to be active as you get older, but it’s just as important to know the limits that come with age and not get carried away.

That being said, Mr. Yonezu really should consider putting an upper age warning sticker on his songs. It’s dangerously catchy stuff.

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