Mr. Sato becomes a handsome anime boy with the power of artificial intelligence, and the SN24 team changes too 【Photos】


The photo editing app is like a production team that adapts your anime life in many ways.

When you stop and think about it, it’s actually a little surprising that our ace reporter Mr. Sato is not star anime series. He’s a guy who lives without fear, chasing his dreams and exploring places like Dragon Palace, so you’d think there’s at least enough material to squeeze a 13-episode anime series out of him.

Unfortunately, no studio has yet knocked on our door asking for production rights Sora Sou Da! Mr Sato Legend or any animated project with a similar name. So today, Mr. Sato pulls another blueprint from the anime hero’s handbook, taking his fate into his own hands and using artificial intelligence technology to turn into an anime character illustration.

More specifically, it turns into several anime character illustrations with a photo editing app Meit. If this pattern sounds familiar, it’s because Mr. Sato tried to do the same with Meitu a few years ago, with results looking like this.

Not bad, but not quite a face that would launch thousands of doujinshi ships. But AI has made some serious strides in quality (and humor) recently, so Mr. Sato felt it was time to give Meitu another chance. After deleting the app some time ago, he reinstalled the new version on his phone and quickly found the button “A.I. art” function on the main screen of the application.

Then he could be promoted to AI painting (AI絵画), where tapping a button at the bottom allowed him to upload photos from his phone to the app to use as the basis of illustrated anime-style artwork.

You can use any picture you want, but because he wanted to get a cool look for an anime hero, Mr. Sato decided to give the system a good start by uploading a snapshot of himself in a dramatic pose in the studio where she practices pole dancing.

After uploading the photo Meitu only takes about 10 seconds to create three illustrationsand here is the first one he made for Mr. Sato.

So overall it’s good! Even more than the cool outfit or the stylish hairstyle Meitu gave him, what really caught Mr. Sato’s attention was how the AI ​​interpreted the image of a woman’s ankle and high-heeled shoe on the wall of the real studio as a flagand adjusted his left hand in the illustration to make it look like Anime Sato was waving it. The addition of confetti also enhanced the atmosphere of concert performances on stage.

However, in the second illustration, the AI ​​has taken something away.

You may not notice it at first glance, but Mr. Sato’s long pants are gone. It’s not clear if she’s wearing tight pants, just underwear, or nothing around her hips at all, but a flash of absolute territory on her upper thigh would likely increase Comiket’s demand for this render of our reporter.

In the third picture, Meitu gave Mr. Sato her pants and also gave him red hair. The bigger deviation from the source material, however, lies in this swapped his right arm with his right leg! Normally, this would result in surprising anatomy, but the AI ​​simply changed its pose from a superhero landing position to a squat. For some reason, he now holds the program in his right hand, but we think there is a way to sell it.

▼ Maybe it would be the Blu-ray cover of the inevitable continuation of the OVA series.

Now that he had seen what Meitu’s AI could do for him, Mr. Sato wanted to see what he could do with the assembled SoraNews24 teamso he called everyone who happened to be in the office that day to take a picture together.

▼ Everyone Says “Hamburger Steak & Cheese Sushi!”

So what did our staff photo look like as an illustration of the cast of anime characters?

Considering how many people had to process it, it’s really impressive that they all look so natural without any of the glaring deformations or distortions that often show up in AI-generated images of human beings. Similar to when he gave him the flag and swapped the position of his arm and leg, Meitu made creative changes again, such as giving Mr. Sato a fluffier head with George Lucas-like hair. His decision was a bit more dramatic to turn fellow reporters Seiji Nakazwa into a cute girl…

▼ Seiji has I always wanted a sister

Ikuna Kamezawa in a rather muscular dude

and our boss, SoraNews24 founder Yoshio, into a couple who dresses similarly.

In fact, the app seems to take the number of people in the group photo as just a suggestion of how many people to put in the image, as several people are merged into one character for the second IT illustration. We also moved our team outside to do a snowy Christmas scene, turned the smiley face into a little kid with a yellow hat, and removed both Mr. Sato’s George-Lucas hair and real hair.

▼ Perhaps the feeling that Lucas’s absence made the group lack star power made our reporter Takashi Harada an anime Vincent van Gogh.

After all, there were about twice as many of us in the third photo than in the real photo, but it looks like we’re also at some stylish spring block party, so the more the merrier.

▼ It even looks like it a martial art/ /King of warriors video game character Mr. Big stopped.

Meitu’s AI has really improved since Mr. Sato first tried it, creating polished images that really look like the stuff you’d see in a real-life anime series. On the other hand, as we have seen here, the AI ​​also tends to discard or alter parts of reality in order to get a cool shot. In this sense, it’s not so much a “make me anime” button as much as a “make me anime” feature.along with the kinds of changes and trade-offs that can come from manufacturers, designers, and other members of the production team along the way.

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Photos: Rocketnews24
Screenshots: iOS Meitu
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