Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome 1 Ubuntu User Guide



Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome: An Ubuntu User’s Guide Google Chrome not working on Ubuntu? Here’s how to install it quickly and easily. Installing Chrome on Ubuntu is just like installing it on any other popular operating system like Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows. Chrome can be installed and run on Ubuntu Linux in several different ways MORE ABOUT

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome: An Ubuntu User’s Guide

This tutorial includes two easy options for setting up Chrome on Ubuntu. Not only that, but we also cover the processes involved in updating Chrome on Ubuntu and uninstalling it completely. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the procedures.


Prepare Ubuntu for Google Chrome (2022)
Getting Started: Table of Contents

The Official Ubuntu Google Chrome Installation Guide

it is easy to install Google chrome on Ubuntu; The first step is to visit the official website of the browser and select the “Download Chrome” option.

A window will appear. 2. To install, check the box next to “64 bit.deb (for Debian/Ubuntu)” and press the “Accept and install” button.

  1. A DEB file (approximately 94 MB in size) will be downloaded to the “Downloads” folder on your computer. For a manual download, select “download Chrome manually” if the process doesn’t start on its own.


Step 4 – Navigate to the “Downloads” folder in your file manager, and then right-click the Chrome DEB file you downloaded in Step 3. Go to File > Open With > Other App.

  1. Select “Software Installation” and then click “Select” in the upper right corner.

Once you click the button, the Ubuntu software will launch and you can install Chrome. Please be patient while the window loads; This may take a few seconds. Next, enter your password and click “Install”.


Step 7 – Launch Chrome from the Ubuntu app menu once the installation is complete.

This image clearly demonstrates that version 8 of Google Chrome runs smoothly on version 22.04 of Ubuntu. A right click on the icon allows you to drop it into the Dock for even more convenient use.

Chrome for Ubuntu terminal installation

Using Terminal and a few simple lines, you can install Google Chrome on Ubuntu. If you want to use Chrome on Ubuntu, you’ll need to get the DEB file from Google and install it from there because it’s not included in the official Ubuntu repository.



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