Mozambique: Islamic State tells Christians and Jews to convert to Islam, pay jizya or face ‘endless war’


In the West we are constantly told that the Islamic State (ISIS) is not Islamic. Would any Muslim apologist or moderate leftist care to explain why this message in Mozambique is not Islamic?

Fight against those who do not believe in Allah or the last day, and do not forbid what Allah and his messenger have forbidden, and do not follow the religion of truth, even if you are among the people of the book, until you pay the jizya with voluntary submission and feel subjugated. (Quran 9:29).

“IS Mozambique demands that Christians and Jews convert or pay taxes to the Islamic State – Zitamar”, Zitamar News, November 18, 2022 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The Islamic State of Mozambique (ISM) has reiterated its intention to establish a caliphate in a message vowing to massacre all Christians and Jews unless they convert to Islam or pay taxes, despite lacking the organizational means to enforce it. said tax. The message also declares an “endless war” on the Mozambican army and calls on Muslims to cooperate or face the consequences.

Images of the handwritten message surfaced on social media around November 10, with indications that it was found in the Macomia district. The note is addressed to the “Mozambican Crusader Army”, Muslims, Christians and Jews in Mozambique, in that order.

To the army, ISM states: “We will intensify the war against you until you submit to Islam… Our desire is to kill you or be killed, because we are martyrs before God, so submit or flee from us.”

ISM claims its war is not with “those who claim to be Muslims” but demands that they stop collaborating with the “godless government” or else “there is nowhere you can hide that we can’t reach” .

In its message to Christians and Jews, the ISM offers three options: submit to Islam, pay taxes or accept “war without end”….

All three options have appeared in Islamic State propaganda. In August, the Central African Province of the Islamic State released a video addressed to the “Congolese Christian rulers” declaring that they would wage war “until God establishes one of these three for you: Islam, jizya or [continuous]struggle.”

Jizya refers to a tax levied on non-Muslims in many Islamic societies throughout history. The previous issue of IS Al Naba’s weekly bulletin, published on November 10, also included the demand that Jews and Christians convert or pay jizya….

In any case, the message represents an attempt to adopt the trappings of a ‘caliphate’ in line with the stated goals of Islamic State leaders, who have reportedly criticized the ISM for undermining the establishment of an Islamic government by terrorizing population outside of Cabo. Thin. Mozambique’s Center for Investigative Journalism claimed in October that ISM commander Ibn Omar had been summoned to a meeting of senior IS members in the Democratic Republic of Congo and told to stop killing so many civilians and start to collect taxes.


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