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Suicide: Mother’s appeal to young people after daughter’s death

Authors: Tomos Lewis and Stephen Fairclough
BBC News

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“She told me she loved me about 20 times a day”

A mother whose daughter committed suicide urged young people to “reach out and seek help” if they have mental health problems.

Emma Webb’s daughter Brodie Morgan committed suicide last year when she was 16 years old.

Emma from Newport recently walked 285 miles to raise funds for a suicide prevention charity.

She said it’s important to let people her daughter’s age know that they can get help.

“Brody is such a special and special girl. It always makes people laugh. Emma said: “Everything she does, everything she accomplishes is very smart. “

Brodie is not only a talented rider, but she also has to excel in GCSE, she has achieved A* and math A.

Image Source, family photo

Emma, ​​46, has a close relationship with her daughter and spends all the time together

Emma said she knew there was a “problem” in the school and that she had been “struggling” in the past few months to feel isolated.

“But there is no sign that she will do what she did that night,” she said.

According to Emma, ​​March 10 last year was a fairly normal day. After picking up her daughter from school, they headed to Usk, where Brody rode her horse Archie.

“I thought it would take her a while to put it on the walker. I went to the stable but it was not there. She was gone.”

Brody MorganImage Source, family photo

Mother Emma says Brody is always the happiest with her horse

After calling family, friends and the police, the search began. A few hours later, she was found dead. She has committed suicide.

“I really can’t explain my feelings in words. You just think it won’t even happen… shocked. I don’t remember that night at all,” Emma said.

“She is the reason I live”

“Our relationship is so close. I can’t believe Brody would do such a thing without talking to me.

“She didn’t leave a message for her family, but she did send some social media messages to some of her friends to let them know how much she loves them. She is sorry.

“She is my life because she is the true goal of my life. Without her, it makes me heartbroken. It’s hard to get up and continue.

“She is my only child, she is the most important thing in my life. So it is really hard to move on, yes, I miss her very much.

“I need to find a goal to move on and get up,” she added.

Emma Weber

Since the death of her daughter, Emma said she didn’t want to “sit and struggle”

Eighteen months later, she began to walk.His goal is to travel 285 miles (459 kilometers) to commemorate 285 suicides in Wales in 2020.

In 2020, more than 500 people between the ages of 10 and 24 committed suicide in Wales and England.

The Papyrus Youth Suicide Prevention charity stated that suicide is still the leading cause of death for people under 35 in the UK.

On Brody’s 18th birthday, Emma completed the final 12 miles, walking from her resting place in Newport Church to where she was riding a horse in Usk.

Inspired by three walking fathers 300 Mile Memorial Daughter, Emma raised more than 7,500 pounds for Papyrus.

“I just hope Brody will be proud of me. I hope Papyrus is proud of me,” she said.

Brody MorganImage Source, family photo

At the end of the walk, Emma said her daughter was always in her mind

“I am very grateful for all the support and donations. I just hope that we can make young people understand that being unkind is good.”

Her goal now is to ensure that other young people with mental health problems can speak up.

“Obviously, some young people prefer to talk to people they don’t know or know, rather than their parents—they are teenagers. So I think it’s really important to let young people know that they can get help.

“If you have suicidal thoughts, please, if you are talking to your parents or friends, please reach out for help, because, you know, this will cause such a devastation, no one will want the results of me and Brody. “

If you or someone you know is affected by the issues raised in this article, you can visit the support information available at the following locations BBC Action Line.

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