Most People Will Never Be Great at Makeup Boxes. Read Why?



makeup boxesThere should be no ambiguity that makeup packaging boxes are central to the advancement of your business. They are what set you apart and create a stellar experience for the target client base. Since they hold so much significance for your brand’s success, it is pertinent to ensure that you are avoiding common mistakes to the best of your capacity. Being careful in their manufacturing and design process saves you a lot of money, time, and stress in creating a constructive first impression. Executing a successful design for these boxes requires a series of studies, care, and thought. However, you can get the best possible results for your makeup business when done well. 

  • Wasteful Makeup Packaging Boxes

The foremost reason people are never good at designing a makeup box is that they create wasteful designs. It is a conventional design approach that never promotes the goodwill of the concerned brand. Customers are disappointed upon receiving their favorite products in excessive or wasteful packaging. They expect to receive the products in a box that proposes an additional value in the form of common reuse.

Considering these high expectations, sustainability should be on top of your mind while designing the box. It doesn’t require a heinous effort, as all you have to do is prefer eco-friendlier materials over non-biodegradable ones. Employ cardboard variants in the processing of a makeup box with makeup products. The flexibility of such materials enables you to give a second life to your package. Their degradation is also impressive; all you need to do to remove the box is place it under optimal conditions. This proactive approach states how concerned you are to make sure customers can live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

  • Ignorance of Strong Branding

Another factor contributing to a useless design for makeup boxes is the ignorance of visual branding cues. The product makers put so much emphasis on the product quality that they forget about the significance of packages. This grave mistake restricts them from developing market-wide brand recognition. The moment the customers receive a box, they should be able to identify and discern behind the product.

Ensure that your packaging design incorporates all the essential elements that indicate your brand’s personality to make things right. The most important of all are the colors and typography. Select them so that they resemble the parent entirely and hint back at your brand’s core value. Even if you use an on-trend design approach, some of these elements should follow the same theme. It is the most practical design stratagem that adds a flair to your brand’s personality.

  • One-Size-Fits-all Approach

Perhaps, this is the most fundamental mistake in the design process that keeps businesses away from tapping the potential of the best makeup boxes. If you are still relying on this design methodology, you may lack behind the competition to a great extent. Businesses tend to think that they can save a handsome sum of money by adopting this design tactic. But, eventually, they end up paying more for the packages.

The conventionally designed packages may have a more significant size compared to the makeup products’ specifications. At first, they are a total waste since you could have saved a lot of money by executing the custom packages that fit well to the items. Secondly, they give an impression that a product is more prominent in size. The customers see it as a deceiving act that results in an instant product rejection. Finally, the protection gets compromised since these boxes cannot stop the lateral movements of items inside. To rectify this mistake, align the design specifications of the packaging with that of the makeup items.

  • Complex Makeup Packaging Boxes

Going overboard with the boxes for makeup is another severe error in the design process. Although the whole idea behind this is to get noticed, product makers lose the interest of potential clients. It makes the box design cluttered, making it impossible for the target audience to understand the exclusive product and brand details. To prevent this, the experts recommend the adoption of a minimalistic approach which says that less is always more. In this concept, you have to use colors, graphics, and visual elements that are eye-catching yet legible. The typography needs more attention as it determines the legibility or readability of the applicable printed content. A focus on the typographic styles and sizes helps you better maintain the readability of the text and develop a perfect understanding among the buyers.

  • Lack of Attention to Functionality

It is the most cardinal sin that is often unintentional in the design process of packaging. Elevate the product impression; businesses start paying more attention to visual aesthetics. While there is nothing wrong with this stratagem, ignoring the functionality element in the box design can cost heavily to the brands. Give due attention to the functionality of makeup boxes for makeup items—factor in the unboxing experience and the proposed convenience by the packaging design. Also, ensure to increase the protection capabilities of the packages to keep the makeup items safe and secure from any damage.

Now that you learned the common mistakes in makeup packaging boxes and their solutions, it is time to execute an excellent box design. Successful packages are always those which propose just more than the visual aesthetics. They should also factor in the customer experience, brand reinforcement, and functionality. Only then can they be expected to play a constructive role in the progress of a business.


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