Morton’s Neuroma: Painful condition in Letizia’s foot


A few weeks ago, it was reported that Queen Letizia She suffers from a medical condition related to the use of high heels.Wife of Felipe VI suffers chronic metatarsalgia, local pain in the front of the foot, especially in plants. This is one of the most common musculoskeletal pains, especially in women, due to the use of high heels. That’s when questions were clarified as to why the queen usually wears so-called metatarsal horseshoes on her shoes to ease the discomfort of this footwear.

The Kings at the Hispanic Day reception. / Getreth

Now, however, Doña Letizia explains her illness in the first person.during the National Day celebration palace, The Queen has commented with a group of reporters that she was diagnosed with “Morton’s neuroma” in one foot last June and was in great pain, even though they advised her against surgery.

The Queen in a polka-dot dress in Madrid. / Getreth

This Morton’s neuroma This is a painful condition that affects the metatarsal area, most commonly between the third and fourth toes. It involves thickening of the tissue around the nerves of the toes, which can cause intense burning pain in the soles of the feet, like standing on a rock. It may cause burning or numbness in the affected fingers.

Although, generally speaking, there are no external signs of this condition – such as a lump or the like – it does manifest itself in very distinct symptoms. These symptoms include severe pain in the soles of the feet that may radiate to the toes, tingling or numbness in the toes, and ease when taking off your shoes.

Queen Letizia in high heels. / Getreth

Precisely, continued use of high heels or tight-fitting shoes is associated with the development of Morton’s neuroma. Although in many cases it is sufficient to reduce the use of this type of shoe and replace it with a larger shoe or one with a lower heel, sometimes corticosteroid injections or surgery are required. As far as Queen Letizia is concerned, she herself has said she would not recommend surgery.

Detail of Queen Letizia’s shoes. / Getreth

Of course, it’s been common for Donna Letizia to wear more comfortable shoes for a while, especially on her private outings. The Queen wears classic stilettos in her official acts, but more and more, when it comes to less formal commitments or more relaxed outings, we see her in flats or wedges, a pair of feet more comfortable. Beyond that, we must add that he has modified his shoes to make them more bearable, with a small rise in the metatarsal area.


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