Morocco to UN: ‘We have no land border with Spain’ and ‘Melilla is an occupied prison’


In a letter dated 9 September 2022 to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Genoa, the Government of Morocco clarified:Melilla remains an occupied prison For this fact, we cannot talk about borders, but only simple border crossings”.

In addition, it corrects the term “Spain-Morocco border”, stating that “Morocco has no land border with Spain”.

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Morocco’s letter is in response to a letter sent by the United Nations to four special procedures of the Human Rights Council on 13 July excessive and lethal use of force Migrants of African descent, especially refugees and asylum seekers”.

In his preliminary opinion, he noted “again” that “it is inaccurate to consider the line of demarcation between Morocco and Melilla in terms of the Spanish-Moroccan border.” In this way, it ratified it in 2021 What has been communicated to the United Nations in 2018, despite a new roadmap with Spain.

Later, in the 11-page document, he referred to Ceuta and Melilla several times, always referring to them as “occupied Moroccan fortresses” or “enclaves.”

These Moroccan statements at the UN contradict the president’s statement Pedro Sanchez behind meet the king Mohammed VI April 7. “Spain’s sovereignty over Ceuta and Melilla is unquestionable,” Sanchez said in a June presentation to Congress to report on relations with Morocco. New position on Western Sahara conflict.

In the case of Morocco, once the diplomatic crisis was overcome, no oral or written statements were ever made regarding Ceuta and Melilla at the time of the Spanish government’s visit.

jump over the fence

The Spanish nature of Ceuta and Melilla was not mentioned in successive technical meetings in Rabat and Madrid, although Operation Trans-Channel (OPE) was organized through autonomous cities.

However, access was restricted after border crossings with the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla reopened. Atypical trade has ended, the inbound cross-border workers are those holding the required documents, and commercial customs have yet to resume. This is a neighbourhood pass for Spaniards and Moroccans living abroad or holding a Schengen visa.

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To this end, it is necessary for Sanchez to write to the Alawite monarch, acknowledging the Moroccan autonomy plan as a solution to the conflict in Western Sahara.

Among allegations brought to the United Nations over treatment of migrants jump over the fence On June 24, Morocco pointed to Spain as the reason for the hot returns. It also stands up against the collective deportation of immigrants. “This is the responsibility of the Spanish authorities. Morocco is only suffering the consequences of a phenomenon in which security management itself has shown its limits.”



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