Morocco expels three Spanish activists from Western Sahara


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Moroccan authorities deported him this Saturday Western Sahara arrive Two Spanish lawyers and a doctor Saharans of Spanish nationality are preparing to visit Saharan rights activists in Bujador Sultana no more.

As Effie reported to her over the phone after arriving at Gran Canaria Airport, one of the deported women, lawyers Ines Miranda Advisor to the International Association of Western Sahara Jurists and Gran Canaria. The incident happened this morning.

Miranda, and the lawyer Flora Ramos Already a doctor Rab Muhammad He explained that Ramin landed in El Alain within the framework of the “medical legal mission to visit Sultana and understand the human rights situation.”

He said that once they got off the plane and arrived at the passport control office, the authorities prevented them from passing after explaining the reason for the visit.

“They pulled us out of the line, pushed us aside, They won’t let us pass, We told them that we were there with knowledge of the United Nations and the Spanish government Carry out the mission of human rights”Miranda recalled.

According to them, the police, many of them in civilian clothes, began to push them and force them to board the plane they arrived and return to Gran Canaria.

“They pushed us onto the plane”, He explained and added that they would submit “corresponding reports and complaints” for what happened.

By early afternoon, the Moroccan authorities had not provided their account of the incident.

Sultana Jaya, a Saharan militant who has been under house arrest for several months, condemned in May last year that she and her sister were physically assaulted and raped by plainclothes policemen who allegedly broke into their home.


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