Morocco asks for help in Layan, 5-year-old boy falls into 32-meter deep well


Authorities in Morocco are trying to rescue a 5-year-old boy who fell into a well about 32 metres deep on Tuesday in the Moroccan town of Chaouen in the north of the country. The boy is still alive and rescue efforts continued until this morning, but there is currently no access to the cave he is in. A drama reminiscent of the Spanish little Julen, It took authorities 13 days to find out that he had died.

Local authority sources told Efe Digging to a depth of more than 19 meters Until this morning, supervisors from the Civil Defence Forces, Auxiliary Forces, Royal Gendarmerie and local authorities were involved in a number of missions.

The same source added that the authorities mobilized Five machines digging parallel to the well Get to its depths and from there into its bottom to rescue little Ryan who has been there for 43 hours.At the same time, they added, the Moroccan army was introduced from the very beginning Oxygen and sugar water go through the tube Go to where Rayan is trapped to keep him alive.

Witnesses at the scene told Efe this morning “The child is still alive.” Last night, a volunteer tried to go down to the well supported by ropes but got stuck on the way because it was a very narrow hole that held water but it was now dry.

The event sparked a lot of anticipation in Morocco, where social networks were flooded with photos, messages of solidarity and “hashtags” “Save Ryan.” There are also pictures and messages of solidarity with the child’s family. His parents spent the night at the place waiting to hear from their son, and dozens of neighbors went there, as seen in live video from the event.


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