Moroccan police investigate Spaniards after driving into Rabat hospital


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Moroccan judicial police are investigating one Spanish citizen At the age of 39, he deliberately broke into the emergency room of the Capital Hospital. RabatOn the steering wheel of the rented car, the reason behind this behavior is not yet clear.

According to the official MAP agency of the Directorate-General of National Security (DGSN), an investigation is already underway to determine the cause of the Spaniard’s actions, according to the order of the competent prosecutor’s office. A nurse and a patient had to be treated in shock.

The only thing we know is that the Spaniard deliberately broke into the emergency room of the hospital. Sheikh Zayed, Causing significant material losses.

Unidentified suspect was found stop While investigating the facts. According to DGSN, his behavior may be related to a relative who was hospitalized in this hospital.

In social networks, images of the incident have been posted, and you can see white vehicles that appear to be hospital premises.


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