More than 700 arrested in Russia in protest of new protests mobilized by Putin


More than 700 people have been arrested this Saturday new protest Opposes part of the mobilization order issued by the Russian president on Wednesday, Vladimir Putinaccording to the independent group, to strengthen troops on the Ukrainian front.

“already have More than 700 detainees in 27 citiesOVD-Info, an organization tracking Russian arrests, said.

The countries with the most arrests occurred in MoscowBy then, riot police had arrested 345 people.In the Russian capital, the authorities have deployed a large police force with preventive and Citizens who have just passed on the boulevard have been stopped According to Efe, Chistie Prudy was where the demonstration took place.

[Putin destituye al jefe de logística tras los últimos fracasos de Rusia en territorio ucraniano]

“Why are you taking me? I’m going to the subway station,” an aggrieved young woman told the police who escorted her to the police car.

exist St. PetersburgIn the country’s second-largest city, where 129 people were detained, police used batons and tasers, local media reported. The protest was launched by the opposition youth movement Vesná (Spring) with the slogan “Black Women’s Congress”.

“Woman, don’t hold on! Don’t shut up! We don’t want our people to die for the politicians’ game. Come to the square in black! ‘, praying for the call.

Today is Second demonstration against Putin-ordered mobilizationwho deem measures necessary to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

A day before Thursday’s protests, a day after Kremlin leaders announced their mobilization, about 1.400 people all over the country.

According to him Russian Defense Minister Shoigua total of 300,000 reservists will be called up as part of this extraordinary measure.

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