More than 70 students, most of them girls, were kidnapped in a new attack in Nigeria


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More than 70 students, Most girls, already Kidnapped This Wednesday in the northwest Nigeria, In Zamfara state, prompting local authorities to order the closure of all schools.

A teacher at the school that was attacked on Wednesday morning assured that 76 students had been abducted, but Can be more, According to the BBC, there are more than 400 students in the education center.

At least One of the children will be seriously injured During the kidnapping, the attacker opened fire and was hit by a bullet.

According to the “Premium Times” report, the incident may have occurred in the town of Maradeng, the hometown of Zamfara Governor Belo Matavali.

In recent months, there have been dozens of attacks on schools and other education centers in the country, resulting in the abduction of hundreds of people, including dozens of children. This has been criticized by the authorities for insecurity.

Nigeria’s attacks were previously concentrated in the northeastern part of the country-where Boko Haram and its derivative Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA) operate-have spread to other areas in the north and northwest in recent months, raising alarms These terrorist and criminal networks may expand.


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