More than 15,000 sheep drown after ship sinks


More than 15,000 sheep drown in the Red Sea port of Sultan Suyagin after boat carrying sheep sank (June 12, 2022). The 30 Million Friends Foundation is again calling for a ban on the transport of live animals to force the use of refrigerated containers to transport meat.

On June 12, 2022, on its way to Saudi Arabia, Badr 1 was shipwrecked in the Red Sea… According to an anonymous source, the ship was carrying 15,800 sheep, far exceeding its maximum load. On the other hand, if the crew is unharmed, almost all the animals are dead.

‘Worrying environmental impact after thousands of animals drown’

The boat can carry up to 9,000 animals but has been modified to increase the maximum load “, said another port official, speaking on condition of anonymity, that he is concerned.” Environmental impact after thousands of animals drown ” also'” Disruption of port activities “.

According to Salih Selim, head of the livestock department of the Sudanese Exporters Chamber of Commerce, 700 sheep were pulled out of the water despite their in poor condition The animals were loaded in the port of Suyagin: the commercial center of many African countries, located nearly 800 kilometers northeast of Khartoum. An investigation was called to determine the cause of the sinking.

30 million friends foundation asks to transport meat in refrigerated containers

This shipwreck reminds us how unacceptable the transportation of goods can be. For thousands of kilometers, for several days, these animals endure horrific conditions, especially in very hot weather. Crowded together, exhausted and dehydrated, many of them succumbed to the worst pain on these long journeys. The June 12, 2022 massacre thus added to the suffering — often fatal — of thousands of animals transported by cargo ships Administrative blockade in Cartagena Beginning in March 2021, or after Sink into the Black Sea at the end of 2019.

Faced with this test, the 30 Million Friends Foundation launched an SOS in the summer of 2021 that included Urgent petition calling for transport of meat (carcasses) in refrigerated containers, not live animals. It also called for an immediate ban on the transport of live animals outside the EU.


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