More setbacks on Twitter


New York (EFE).- Twitter this Friday stops access to its Blue payment service, which for a few days gave subscribers the blue symbol of verified user, and recovers the “official” mark to distinguish certain accounts from possible imposters.

The social network belonging to Elon Musk Thus, he gives a new direction to try to deal with the chaos generated by his last decisions, which had led to a proliferation of users posing as personalities or companies.

The ability to pay $8 a month for access to the verified account symbol, which until now distinguished relevant profiles with confirmed identities, has caused confusion, making it easier for users to pass themselves off as a joke or for fraudulent purposes.

The blue Twitter verification tick

Companies like Nintendo, pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly or Musk’s own Tesla have seen how users armed with the blue verification “tick” impersonated them for hours on end, until their accounts were cleared. suspended.

Today, the ability to subscribe to Twitter Blue was gone in the US for unverified users, although the company made no announcement about it.

On its website, Twitter specifies that any account created since November 9, the date of the launch of the new verification system, will not be able to subscribe to Twitter Blue now.

Find the “official” label

According to an internal message seen by tech site Platformer, Twitter chose to cripple the service and stop access to payment verification “to help address spoofing issues.”

At the same time, Twitter announced that it had recovered the “official” label to distinguish certain accounts, a brand that it had created this week, but which a few hours later had been canceled by direct order from Musk.

Apparently, only advertisers on the social network now receive this badge, intended to combat the problem of the impostor.


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