Morante: “Nowadays everyone calls an artist, the meaning of the word is empty.”


Season 2021 Morante from La Puebla He will be remembered as the Seville bullfighter intending to revolutionize the bullfight and play the role of a bullfighting figurine. This year the cigar maker has dealt with all kinds of casings and is a cardboard box at all fairs. He also leads the ranks of bullfighters. If the bulls respected him at the end of the season, this would be one of the fullest right-handers from La Puebla del Rio.

The bullfighter explained in an interview his commitment to the diversity of incas, which prompted him to fight alone in the Prieto de la Cal bullfight in El Puerto de Santa Maria, to fight one of Ana Romero, one of La Quinta, or advertise in Salamanca with the help of the Galache and in Seville with Miura… Morante said: “Look for other ways to conduct bullfighting. If you always fight with animals of the same origin, the most normal thing is that bullfighting is very similar to all of them. “

“However, looking for other branches of genetics and other types of behavior also changes the way you interpret. I think the bullfighters we fight the most we were very typical in Domeka bull because this is the one that is best adapted to the demands of modern bullfighting, but I’m sure people are also looking for another variety and they are showing it this year, ”he thought.

Morante de la Puebla returns to the city of Madrid Alcala de Henares, Sunday 29 August on a poster with Antonio Ferrera and Juan Ortega, what replaces the wounded Cayetano Rivera before the imprisonment of Antonio Banuelos. The next day, he will offer Francisco de Manuel an alternative in Colmenar Viejo with King rock and with bulls from Nunez del Cuvillo. Also this season, his return to Las Ventas in Autumn fair

Regarding the bullfight in Alcala de Henares, whose fair was suspended last year the day before its celebration, he stated that “you must support people who do well and leave their souls in which their work brings fruit”. “I remember that I lived it with amazement and a certain
pissed off like any fan because it was very unfair“, – the bullfighter assured,” because
a few days later, San Sebastian de los Reyes and Aranjuez were also barred from
very political, but we are here this year to support people who do what they

Morante de la Puebla

The Seville bullfighter is one of the biggest fans of his performances today, and there are several posters of his performances. No tickets that he was hanging in the squares by his presence. This is why their participation in Alcalá is of great importance to the box office. “I believe that with this intention the company has invited me to fight, and it is with the spirit with which I go,” says Morante.

“Anything we can do to maintain an arena that hasn’t given bulls for six years and got into a very unfair situation last year, I think it’s worth it. I think the company has done some impressive communication and advertising work in the past year with a tremendous amount of effort and it should be rewarded. Therefore, when I was offered this, I could not say no, despite the fact that the next day I fought in Colmenar Viejo, which is relatively close. I think the company deserves support. “

Bullfight in Alcala de Henares organized by the company Loyjorwill mark the return of the bulls to the Complutense arena in six years. The La Puebla bullfighter believes there is work to be done to get the squares filled again. “We go through history, we fight and leave, but there must be companies that do everything well to guarantee the future for those who come after us,” he explained. “The fairs need to be given the atmosphere and promoted like last year, and like this year, they are working on it.”

Painter bullfighter

Morante from La Puebla, who was seasoned with absurd controversy which led to the end of bullfighting in Gijón by his socialist mayor, also spoke of the art of bullfighting. The Seville right-hander, one of the most striking contemporary examples of artistic bullfighting, insists that the word “artist” is “greatly discounted” and that “everything is called an artist today “. Morante believes that “the word has lost its meaning.”

“Perhaps it would be more correct to speak of schools or movements in order to resemble a certain type of bullfighter. I like the comparison – out of the most absolute humility – with the teacher Antonio Ordonezthat oozed art, but was very brave, “he explained.

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