Moon Knight: An explanation of the “Hippo Goddess” from Episode 4.


B.before we even start, we just want to give it up BEWARE, SPOILERS if you haven’t seen Moon Knight – S1E4 “The Grave”. We’re going to discuss the episode’s finale, so once again, please don’t read any further if you haven’t seen this episode yet. Okay, then let’s do it!

AT moon knight Episode 4 introduced a strange new character with hippo features. Taweretan Egyptian god, this is the character you’re looking for if you’re scratching your head and wondering what’s going on.

Oscar IsaacMark Spector/Stephen Grant was shot and woke up in a mental hospital near the end of the episode Ethan Hawkevillain AArthur Harrow. Everything that happened in Disney+ for a time, the series seemed to be a figment of Spector’s imagination. That was until he found Stephen locked in a tomb, and the two of them met a mysterious god in the form of a behemoth.

But who is Taweret and what does her presence in the MCU and Moon Knight mean?

Who is Taweret?

Taweret Egyptian goddess of fertility and childbearing. She has the appearance of a hippopotamus, but with the arms of a lion, the tail and legs of a crocodile, like in Moon Knight. “Mistress of the Sky”, “Mistress of Clear Water”, “She who Removes Water”, and “Mistress of the Horizon” are some of her epithets, and her name Taweret means “Great”.

God was considered cruel due to her fearsome appearance, but she was also the protector of women and children, especially expectant mothers, who wore her amulets to protect themselves and their children from evil. Taweret was believed to help with childbirth, and she was also credited with the annual flooding of the Nile. She used her powers to help the dead reach the afterlife safely through the dangerous mountains to the west.

What does Taweret mean to the MCU?

Taweret, unlike Khonshu and Ammit, never appeared in Marvel comic. This pretty much leaves her character as a blank slate for MCU play with.

Given her connection to the afterlife, Taweret appears to help Mark/Steven in the afterlife, which is presumably the mental hospital where they ended up.

It remains to be seen if she will help them escape and stop Harrow’s evil plans. God is also a member Ennead; we have seen some of these deities gather through their avatars into moon knight episode 3, but Taweret was not among them.

If a Ennead will reappear in the future moon knight episodes, we can expect her to be included in the cast. At this point, it’s unclear if Taweret will return to the MCU, but given the Marvel Universe’s history of crossovers and cameos, we’re unlikely to see her again.


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