Monica Naranjo is locked up: Witnessing sex scenes


Monica Narancho Spent the most surreal moment after crossing resistance, Where is the space David Blancano It is a common topic. The artist participated in a program to promote her new TV work.This is a reality called Love is guaranteedIt is very similar to the one in “Island of Temptation”, except that it can be watched on the Netflix platform this time. As usual, the host used his sense of humor to entertain interviews, although this is not the whole story, because sometimes he gets guests into trouble, just like in the case of singers.

Mónica Naranjo (Mónica Naranjo) in the “resistance movement”. /”Resistance Movement”

first timing, Monica And David They talked about this new professional challenge facing the artist, when Brancano asked how many times she had had sex in the last month. «I married myself many years ago and I held a beautiful wedding for the show in Liceo de Barcelona Monica and sex. Sex like this is very suitable for me because this is when I want it. Do I feel the way I am today? I play the guitar. I have no desire?I don’t touch it, that’s it“Narancho answered with a smile.

Monica Naranjo and David Blancano in the
Monica Naranjo and David Blancano in the “Resistance Movement”. /”Resistance Movement”

Put this question on the table, David Blancano He had the idea of ​​experimenting with the public. The host looked for two singles who came separately as the public so that they could meet in a private room in La Resistencia, “see what happened between them.” Enrique raised her hand first, and then Estefanía raised her hand.

Mónica Naranjo and David Broncano spoke in
Mónica Naranjo and David Broncano spoke in “La Resistencia”. /”La Resistencia”

Later, a team from the program group accompanied them to the room where they were prepared for a “romantic dinner”. They let the couple meet, and Blancano makes strange connections from time to time to see how the experiment develops. He gave the host some humility and quickly cut the footage so that they had privacy and he could follow the interview with Monica Naranjo. However, what happened a moment later left the guests completely shocked, because they admired the two young men having sex on the spot.

Monica Naranjo, in
Monica Naranjo, in “shock.” /”Resistance Movement”

Unsurprisingly, Monica looked at the picture, but didn’t know where to look, because her surprised face explained everything, and she even covered herself with a plush toy to hide the embarrassment that was happening.

This scene drew laughs from Monica and Blancano, as well as the laughter of others who attended publicly. What remains undecided is whether this scene is really going to watch the protagonist’s reaction, or on the contrary, the experiment has achieved its goal.

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