Monica Carrillo demands ‘public apology’ from Juan Del Val


Monica Carrillo Has been one of the important guests of the last episode rockby developing Nuria Roca in sixth.There, he met Juan del Val, who used Juan del Val to rebuke him for a few words about the micro-story he offered Anthill This prompted a reaction from the host, who is an expert on this type of literary story.

The woman from Alicante participated in a club offended by juan del val. Collaborators are known to be candid and forceful when speaking out on any issue, but doing so may upset someone or create a misunderstanding. However, humor is always the main note.

Mónica Carrillo, in “La Roca” / Social Networks

Nuria Roca’s husband is Anthill Made a splash: « Micro-stories are driving me crazy. They’re lazy, that’s how I made three books. things have to be the size they have to be and you have to put the miniatures aside. That sentiment has reached the ears of one of our country’s most famous short story writers, and he has no hesitation in responding.

“I saw someone on screen that I really admired…she’s the best at doing micro-stories, and everything,” Juan del Val started when he saw reporters on the scene screen. “Can I go?” he asked with a smile, then faced each other. “Don’t go, stay. Good afternoon almost everyone,” Monica Carrillo said.

She then released a statement defending her work as a writer: “I heard it was living with my parents, so I suffered twice. I felt hurt and wronged because it was a discipline and I was online More than a thousand micro-stories posted. Lots of hours of effort,” he commented sarcastically, but also hinted at some anger. The collaborator told the Valencian woman «Juan del Valle said you were lazy», adding a little gas to the affair. This elicited a fearless reaction from Carrillo: «I can already smell Juan’s fear so I want to hear from him», he joked.

Nuria Roca’s husband wanted to defend himself by assuring “I admire Monica Carrillo so much”, but the host continued her speech: “You can’t defend yourself like that. You’re still insulting the micro because you think you It’s macro. I’m not going to discuss size, but maybe he doesn’t bet on micro stories because he sees himself as more of a storyteller, just plain.

The confrontation ended with Del Val, who added «Monica made some great micro-stories. I like the way you write so much that you always have to write very long ». But she demanded correction: “In order to rebuild our relationship and preserve my image as a voice for those of us who write short stories, I’m going to ask you to apologize publicly in that little clip,” he said with a laugh.


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