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Electric bikes are becoming a very popular form of transportation, and many people use them for cycling or getting to work. Some bikes come with rear racks that can be used to transport various items. On Cdiscount, the Moma Bikes electric bike is priced at €899.99 instead of €1,800, which is a great deal!

Introducing Moma Bikes Electric Bikes

Thanks to its ion lithium 36V 16Ah battery, this electric bike has a very good autonomy of 80 km. You’ll be able to travel long distances with ease and this battery lasts impressively! The battery has a charging time of 4 hours for a long and pleasant journey. This is a fairly light bike, designed mainly in aluminium, and it weighs just 20kg. The weight of the bike affects the quality of the ride, and the lighter the bike, the easier it is to pedal. Thanks to the front and rear zoom disc brakes, the braking system is very efficient. For your comfort, the bike comes with an adjustable saddle and handlebar, suitable for all users!

An amazing electric bike!

Moma Bikes electric bikes have an LCD screen that displays a variety of information including assist level, battery, distance traveled, speed and ignition function. The great thing about this bike is its versatility and its price, especially when it’s on sale, in relation to its technical data sheet is particularly interesting. For most e-bikes, the machine has a top speed of 25 km/h. The bike has 7 Shimano speeds and of course it comes with front and rear lights for safe circulation at night and in conditions with reduced ambient light.

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