Mohammed VI writes to his ‘friend’ King Felipe VI for Covid-19: ‘I wish you well’

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gesture Reconciliation between Morocco and Spain. King Mohammed V wrote to Philip VI expressing his sympathy and support After being infected with the new coronavirus And wish him a speedy recovery.

In the letter, Muhammad confirmed that he had received ‘A lot of upset’ Spain’s king contracts coronavirus and expresses his sympathy “Deep sympathy” and his “hope soon reset and full HP resurrection“Felipe VI, who described him as “A good friend”.

Despite months of unprecedented crisis in Spain and Morocco, the two countries exchanged polite messages and targeted Both sides pledged to improve bilateral relations.

The letter from the Alaouite monarch comes less than a month after Felipe VI reached out to Morocco“Go together” After the bilateral diplomatic crisis that erupted at the end of April last year, the new relationship “is now starting to materialize”.

Brahim Galli

This To receive the leaders of the Frente POLISARIO, Brahim Galli, Hospitalized in the Spanish city of Logroño (north) at the end of April, an avalanche of irregular migrants pouring into Ceuta on 17-18 May sparked a crisis that has not yet ended.

The king of Morocco made a reconciliation gesture with Madrid last August, and in a speech he expressed his desire to open a new phase with Spain, but relations between the two countries have yet to return to normal.

Following Felipe VI’s speech on the 17th, the Moroccan government responded by asking Spain to be “very clear” and to affirm that it has no “loyalty to the Saharan National Cause (Western)” Morocco’s relations with other countries have not progressed.


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