Mohammed VI asks Spain to take a “bolder” stance on Western Sahara


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the address of Mohammed VI for Commemorate the Green March It is short, only five minutes, but clear and direct. The Alawite king began to speak, celebrating Morocco’s takeover of Spain’s Saharan province 46 years ago, guaranteeing that “the Moroccanity of the Sahara is indisputable” and that “it cannot be the subject of negotiations”.

It discusses countries/regions with which it maintains a strict business relationship. “We have the right to expect our partners to take a bolder and clearer stand on the territorial integrity of the Kingdom”, He claimed. Alluding to Spain and France, neighboring countries and friends, and also Morocco’s first trading partners.

It must not be forgotten that the Moroccan ambassador has asked the Spanish government to put forward a “clear position” on the question of Western Sahara. Karima Benjac And the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser BrittaIn the numerous interventions and communiqués in Madrid since April, the bilateral crisis at that time became apparent when the leader of the Frente Polisario was welcomed, Brahim Gali.

He also mentioned Morocco’s development and investment in Western Sahara, and warned with implicit threats, “We want to tell those who hold indefinite or dual positions that Morocco will not take any economic or commercial measures that are not included. Steps. The Moroccan Sahara.”.

With these words, Mohammed VI once again caught the attention of SpainRabat accused it of bending in April in order to take this into account in pending bilateral negotiations. Let us remember that the High Level Conference (RAN) was cancelled on December 17, 2020, and there is no set date yet.

Praise the U.S. for its position

Of course, Mohammed VI praised Donald Trump’s presidential decree, which was made on December 10, 2020. Recognized The territory of the Sahara is Morocco. “We are proud of the sovereign decision of the United States of America, which recognizes Morocco’s complete sovereignty over the Sahara Desert.”

Currently Joe Biden, Did not overturn the content proposed by his predecessorAlthough Rabat planned and announced the American consulate in Al Ion, the capital of Western Sahara, never opened.

However, the sovereign state recalled on Saturday that 24 other countries had opened consulates in the Saharan cities of Dakhla and Eyong. “We want to express our consideration of the countries and groups with which Morocco has established agreements and associations. For these countries and groups, our southern provinces are an inseparable part of our national territory.”

Ignore Algeria

In the crisis with Algeria, this week blamed the Moroccan army Bomb two trucks with Kill three Algerian civilians, Mohammed VI did not directly mention neighboring countries. Although he did so in two recent speeches, he called on Algerian leaders to open up borders and rebuild relations.

Rabat turned a deaf ear to these accusations and accepted the good-neighborly agreement. The King repeatedly reiterated: “I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere wish to our five Maghreb people, hoping to achieve greater development and prosperity in the context of unity and stability.”

Morocco, The same to you, Does not recognize its war with the Polisario Front From Breaking the ceasefire in Gail Gailath on November 13, 2020, Bordering Mauritania. In this way, Mohammed VI promoted the status of the Royal Armed Forces, “because they ensured the free movement of people and goods in the Gail Qilat area” and expelled 50 Saharans who had been demonstrating in the area for a month. He thinks this is a “peace operation”.

Call for mobilization

The activities of this National Day are concentrated in this area, and the completion of many projects, as reflected in the snapshots released by the national media.

Moroccan authorities cut the ribbon on various development projects in Laayoune on FridayThey visited a large pilot market of 15,000 square meters and announced asphalt, public lighting and green space projects. Similarly, they invested billions of dirhams to build a medical center with a capacity of 25,000 people, as well as a housing and social security center.

It is clear again The Western Sahara issue is the backbone of Moroccan national and international politicsThis has become a citizen’s cause, and the King asked them again today: “Each of you, from your standpoint, is required to remain mobilized and vigilant to defend national unity and territorial integrity.”.


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