Modric: You can’t rely on luck to win I don’t know how many Champions League trophies


Luka Modric spoke on behalf real Madrid Line-up before the second leg of the semi-finals against Manchesteras they look to replay a 4-3 first leg defeat when the two teams meet at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on Wednesday night.

When asked what he most admires real Madrid Main coach Carlo Anchelotti, modric focused on his general attitude.

“It is difficult to choose one person, but I would say how he behaves. He came back in a very natural way, he had a lot of confidence in the team and that means a lot to us.” modric explained.

“To me, he is one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport and we were all happy to have him back. We had a great time with him in his first period and won big trophies. Now we want to win big things. again with him.”

Casemiro’s return

Casemiro missed the first match with a knockout but is expected to start against City Wednesday after the game against Espanyol last weekend.

“Without a doubt, his return means a lot to us, he is a very important part of our game.” modric marked.

“I am sure that tomorrow he will help us correct the mistakes we have made, he is always ready to help. That’s why we’re very excited about his return.”

Luck in the Champions League

When asked real Madrid you need luck to reach the final of the Champions League, modric it was clear.

“We do not say anything to people who think so, let them continue in the same spirit. To be here and win, I don’t know how many Champions League trophies, you can’t just rely on luck. This is a little unfair. , I stated.

“It makes us laugh a little, although everyone can say what they want. We are focused on what we do and we don’t care what people from the outside say.

“To achieve these heights year after year, defeating big opponents and winning trophies, it takes more than just luck: character, personality, faith … This is what makes us win.”


Rodrigo is coming in great shape lately, which means Ancelotti will have to make a difficult decision when it comes to choosing who will start between the Brazilian and Vera Valverde

“He is a very good player, he is special. We have a very good relationship.” modric announced.

“He already said that we are father and son, because his father is the same age as me. That’s why I say that he should listen to me.

“He is very good, he is doing well, I am very happy for him. He is humble, he must remain so. It’s better to ask him how I helped him.”

Press conference by Carlo Ancelotti

real Madrid boss Carlo Anchelotti also clashed with the media before the match against Manchester.

He has made it clear that his team will have to take some risks if they want to reach the Champions League final this season.

“If we set a low block, we won’t be able to fire 99 shots. If we hit their box, we’ll get 99 shots.” Ancelotti said.

“Sometimes you have to take risks, so in these games you can see that we scored a lot of goals. Sometimes you have to take risks, and we have the qualities for this.”

From the point of view of what real Madrid need to complete the return, Ancelotti stressed the importance of the individual.

“Two teams of great quality will face each other in different ways both individually and collectively,” he said.

“If you reach the semi-finals, the final or win the Champions League, it’s not just because of your heart, although personality is an important part of that because it allows you to show the quality that you have.

“There are many important aspects: individual quality, collective commitment… you need everything, one piece is not enough in the Champions League.”


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