Mobilized in Luhansk Oblast dressed in uniforms of killed or wounded –


In the pockets of the uniforms, the mobilized people find personal belongings of the previous owners

“Meanwhile, materiel supplied to the so-called ‘LPR’ can be purchased at local markets,” the administration reported, noting that conscripts even sometimes find personal belonging to the previous owner in the pockets of their uniforms.

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The administration also stated that the humanitarian situation in the occupied cities in Luhansk Oblast remains critical, with both power and water supply cut off in the settlement of Rubizhne. Many residences lack windows, and those who have windows are attempting to heat their premises with gas, while everyone else is trying to repair roofs and glaze windows on their own.

In smaller frontline settlements under occupation, the situation is even worse. In particular, in the village of Novokrasnyanka, near the town of Kreminna, there are neither telecom links, nor food – not even humanitarian aid.

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Earlier, it was reported that the Ukrainian military managed to liberate 12 settlements in Luhansk Oblast.

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